5 Traits Of Powerful (and very successful) People

Would you like to become a more powerful person? Having more influence over not only friends and family and being liked more, but also with your prospects and those that join your business in the future? It’s not uncommon that when someone deliberately becomes more ‘powerful’ by becoming aware of these 5 traits that everything in their life can change pretty quickly for the better…

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24 Hours Of Fasting – Update

Yesterday I decided on a whim to try a 24 hour fast for the first time ever.   Update – since writing this post I’ve done several intermittent fasts ranging from 13 – 24 hours   I was reading about why people fast and how it’s been proven that even a short 24 hour fast […]

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Dangers Of Buying Leads? (A Couple Of Thoughts)

If you are or are thinking of buying leads then congratulations…you might be investing your money wisely or you might be throwing it down the toilet.   That will totally depend on several factors which I cover in the video below…   This is a couple of my own personal thoughts prompted by a telephone […]

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How I Got Rid Of 2 Stones Of Fat (Without Any Magic Juices, Pills or Shakes)

I do firmly believe in the whole healthy body/healthy mind thing and this is also important if your building a business. After all as entrepreneurs were supposed to be happy, healthy, wealthy and shining with good vibes right? A Hugh contributing factor to that is going to be your health. So I’m going to share with you exactly how I lost 2 stones of fat and have gotten myself in the best shape ever!!

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If You Feel Weird/Hesitant About Doing Videos & Producing Content Then Watch This

If ever you have procrastinated making a video and producing content then you need to fix it! Video is the number 1 way to grow your business….overcome your procrastination, discover and overwrite limiting beliefs and learn how to never run out of content so you can build an audience and keep on serving them week after week and build a loyal following of buying customers…

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MLM Recruiting Tips To Give You Magical Harry Potter Style Recruiting Powers

If you want to build a successful home business then there’s one thing that you’ll definitely need to be able to say that you’re really good at…and that’s recruiting and sponsoring. You might be considering using the internet to develop your empire or maybe you already are, whilst it might not give you immediate magical powers like Harry Potter you can do yourself a favor and watch the video below and learn 3 tips that will boost you down the road of success at warp speed.

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The Science Of Getting Rich (Audiobook)

Some of the wealthiest people in the world swear by this book and using the principles contained within in it went on to create fortunes. Well worth listening to over and over again…in fact if you don’t think and act in ‘the certain way’ success may be elusive or mediocre at best…

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