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The “10 Second Countdown Method” (Day 9)

I’ve found myself doing this over the last few weeks and want to share it with you now. As you start using this productivity tip in your life to get more done and remain productive and positive it’ll become a habit

To begin with you’ll need to be prompted so you might need a reminder like making a note or printing off this blog post.

Ever had those times that you decide to do something that will advance you towards your goals and then find that you end up doing something completely different? Its easily done, especially on a computer…you log on to do something work related and get sidetracked by Facebook, or a video, an email, or worse….the NEWS!

Minutes and hours can go by, I’ve even had the course of entire days changed by a single distraction and I get to the end of the day thinking…what have I ACTUALLY done today to get closer to my vision?

The only way to combat this that I’ve found is to live like a monk (boring) or become consciously aware of what we’re doing.

I started developing this habit….at the moment that I realize that I’m not doing something productive and have become distracted I immediately begin a 10 second countdown.

By the time I hit zero I MUST have moved onto something else that is productive.

I’ve also used it when I’ve temporarily slipped into a negative state of mind. The more you do this the more your subconscious will prompt you to begin the countdown. If in a negative state as soon as I become consciously aware I’m in that state I’ll begin the 10 second countdown and by the time I hit zero I’ll be thinking of everything that there is to be GRATEFUL for (and there’s a lot)

Try this method for 2 weeks and see how it helps you.

Use this method in business and life in general to keep your productivity up to the max and if you’re not yet making money in under 1 hour a day by blogging, you’re bonkers.
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