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24 Hours Of Fasting – Update

Yesterday I decided on a whim to try a 24 hour fast for the first time ever.

Update – since writing this post I’ve done several intermittent fasts ranging from 13 – 24 hours

I was reading about why people fast and how it’s been proven that even a short 24 hour fast can yield Hugh increases in human growth hormone secretion and other hormones and chemicals that super charge the body and literally even slow down aging.

Many people talk about how by fasting even just once per week will offer incredible benefits over time to those who want to live in a lean, muscular, healthy body.

So I thought I’d give it a go…

This pic was taken at 20 hours into the fast and I’m still alive and well…the truth is that I quit the fast at 23 hours 30 minutes.

I started preparing meals in advance and the smell of delicious food got the better of me and I quit 30 minutes early.

So a good lesson in fasting…don’t prepare any food ‘in advance’ whilst fasting unless you’re feeling REALLY strong willed

The 2nd lesson I learned is that fasting for 24 hours is easy…there’s nothing much to report really.

I was pretty darn hungry from around 17 hours – 20 hours…  After 20 hours hunger was more a craving that gently came and left from time to time.

Drinking black coffee seemed to help with hunger pangs plus I even got a workout in during the fast and generally felt awesome for the whole 23.5 hours.

It’s interesting that even just a few short months ago the thought of going without food for even 3 hours was horrific!!

Anytime I left the house I would HAVE to make sure I had snacks with me to keep me going, I was a slave to hunger… when in reality our bodies are very adaptable and are perfectly capable of going for longer periods without food..

Even more so after being trained to use fat as the primary fuel source by following a lower carb/ketogenic diet

I will continue experimenting with the 24 hour fast over the next few weeks and Saturday or Sunday will most likely be fasting day. With today being the day after the fast I can tell you I feel 100% normal… After coming off the fast yesterday I ate approx 1,600 calories of protein and fats in about 2 hours leaving me with an approximate 1,200 calorie deficit for the day.

If you want to drop a few pounds and feel awesome, I’d highly recommend giving a short fast a go along with a ketogenic eating plan, then you can make lots of money from your home business AND look awesome at the same time.

I hope you got value and if you did please like, comment and share 🙂


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