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A Facebook Marketing Strategy That Will Make You Look Like A Superstar!

Well who would have thought that a cool little social networking site originally created in the Harvard University dorm room of Mark Zuckerberg would have evolved into the world’s number one online social giant that it is today.

Originally created as ‘FaceMash’ on October 28th 2003, Facebook as we know it now, is used by over 500 million people across the globe and is ranked as the world’s 2nd most visited website, losing the top slot to the big ‘G’

Facebook has become the preferred social networking platform of marketers over MySpace which is sometimes now known as ‘SpamSpace’. In theory you would think that Facebook would be the perfect place to market your business, having such a reach of people across the world is VERY appealing. Thousands of marketers are using Facebook for their marketing purposes, but to be frank most of them are doing it all wrong.

They are spamming!

You know the sort of thing I mean, every time you log in you either see a news feed from them or there’s an email waiting for you in your inbox urging you to join their ‘fantastic, best thing since sliced bread, make a million bucks in 2 weeks’ business opportunity.

I’m sure we all agree, spammers are annoying!

“This training video will reveal the 6 steps that will skyrocket your income using Facebook, plus get access to a FREE members only Facebook training webinar by industry leader, Jim Chao”


“Learn how to create a LEAD SUCKING Facebook Fan Page that will brand you like a celebrity!”


So can we effectively market on Facebook?

Yes we can, but we need to learn to do it right. Facebook is a social platform and therefore our first and foremost purpose is to develop relationships with people. The gentle pitching of our business opportunities can come later.

When marketing online you need to adhere to the same principles as you would offline. If I wanted to sell my business opportunity to you and we had never met before, do you think that it would be acceptable for me to collar you and say “buy this now! this is exactly what you need! you must buy it now!” and basically try and ram my deal down your throat?

No. I would begin by forming a normal friendly relationship, we would chat, get to know each other and see where our interests lie. Later down the road after a few more interactions it would be natural to discuss business and maybe exchange ideas and at that point I might tell you about my opportunity.

It’s the same online, we need to naturally formulate relationships with people and offer them value and gain their trust and understanding BEFORE we start trying to sell anything.

I recently attended a webinar by a great marketing acquaintance of mine, Jim Chao, Jim has nailed the art of Facebook marketing, he is a true pro and his results prove it. At the bottom of this post I am going to invite you to get exclusive access to his webinar so YOU can learn the correct way to market on Facebook. Normally this is only available to paid members so you’re getting a good deal here!

Let’s run down briefly 6 steps that will make a killer Facebook marketing strategy,

1) Set up your Facebook profile so that it’s interesting and personal to you, don’t just fill it with information about your business but include as much personal information as possible, you want to have plenty of pictures of you and your family. Show people what you get up to, what your hobbies are, put some pictures up of you having a great time. People want to learn about YOU not just your business.

2) Add friends so that you can begin networking with people, you can search for groups on Facebook for almost any market niche. You need to think outside the box though, try to think of groups other than just ‘online marketing, mlm, network marketing’ etc… bear in mind that everyone in these groups is adding each other so you just end up with your news feed being full of inspirational quotes and business opportunity pitches! Also remember that Facebook has a friend limit of 5,000 so leave some space for your new prospects that come from outside sources.

3) Look for relevant groups that you can join. Most group owners will allow you to post on the wall so you could post some useful information. I like to post my videos to group walls when I have published them, my videos will be offering value and NOT pitching my business but it attracts people to my blog and they get real value out of it which puts me in a favourable position and they are more likely to opt-in to my newsletters.

4) Start your own group; this could be directly relevant to your niche. You can invite your friends to join or you can even use Facebook’s paid advertising system to get new members. This is a little like building your own targeted list of prospects, so when you have some new information to offer you can literally just send one email and all your members will receive it. A cool and easy way to communicate with people!

5) You can also post your videos and articles to your own wall and also to the walls of your friends. That way your content can potentially go viral as many more people are going to see your information and get value from it. Again remember not to abuse this by spamming with your business opportunity, if you do the most likely end result is that your ‘friend’ will delete you.

6) Create a personal video greeting to your new Facebook friends and tag them to the video. This is a VERY powerful Facebook marketing strategy and not many people are doing it. Jim Chao teaches how to implement this for maximum impact in his webinar.

Used properly a Facebook social marketing strategy can be VERY effective and can generate highly qualified leads to your websites and sales-funnel.

To use it effectively you are going to need to know the EXACT strategies and how to properly implement them, this webinar by Jim Chao will walk you through the process step by step so that you can start using Facebook today to expand your business and build your own social network of prospects and what’s even better is that it won’t cost you a penny!

Get free access to this EXCLUSIVE member’s only presentation NOW and learn the secrets of a successful Facebook marketing strategy.


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