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Welcome to my Lightyear Wireless review, if you are considering joining this Network Marketing business opportunity then you are looking at a potentially lucrative deal.

Lightyear Wireless is a telecommunications company (kind of) that sell mobile cell phone devices and provide a route for obtaining access to a wireless network, contract fee. They are not actually a carrier, they don’t own their own frequencies, but offer services through Sprint and Verizon networks, with whom they have a relationship with.

Essentially they are a mobile virtual network operator, so are effectively reselling services. As a distributor you will however be able to offer some impressive deals to your customers.

The parent company Lightyear Network Solutions was launched in 1993 and you can find their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. They were founded by Sherman Henderson and boast membership of the Better Business Bureau and are publicly traded. As a member of the business you can also boast that the company was ranked number 19 on Inc Magazines list of fastest growing companies!

Lightyear Wireless

The mobile cell phone business is a massive business, in fact its Hugh, there are more than 290 million people in the USA today using a cell phone daily and they collectively spend around $200 billion a year on bills, and experts expect this to increase to over $400 billion by 2014. Needless to say you have a MASSIVE market to tap into and you will have a product that will potentially appeal to almost everyone.

The Lightyear Wireless Products

There are several different packages that they offer, but probably their most notable is their UNLIMITED package which provides unlimited calls, text messages and web access for $59.99 a month, this is actually way cheaper than leading competitors AT & T and Verizon who offer the same package for just under $120 a month right now.

Lightyear Wireless services are ‘no contract’ which offers a distinct advantage, especially as around 65% of users are switching away from tied in contract deals. These days people like to be free of commitments and ‘Pay As You Go’ is definitely preferred overall. There are also other packages available from $20 a month, plus you are able to rollover your minutes each month. As an associate for this company you can also get your own services for free by simply referring 5 customers.

The Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity

You can become a representative at two levels, Manager & Senior Manager; the enrolment fees are $49 & $299 respectively, plus there is an annual $50 renewal fee. If you can, you are better off joining at the senior level as you will qualify for more compensation.

Either option will get you full access to your own online marketing system provided by the company, which allows you to retail the services and also recruit new reps.

There are plenty of ways to earn from the compensation plan, it’s generally sold that you will earn around 10% of the wireless bill of each customer that you refer. The bonuses you can earn are the fast start bonus, CAB (Customer Acquisition Bonus), Residual commission (1-10% on your customers), Dynamically Compressed 8 Level Commissions (1-4%), Web System Residual, Car Bonus, and a Revenue Sharing Pool.

As you can see there are many ways to earn with this company. To see the full compensation plan, you can download it here.

Like most of the Lightyear Wireless reviews out there will tell you, this is a great business to get involved with. You have a good product and a massive market to work with……every network marketers dream. To get the most out of this business you will need to be generating new leads everyday and have some way of effectively prospecting them all….both customers and potential reps.

You will ONLY make a substantial walk away residual income from this business from effective team building and duplication of success. Otherwise you will forever be working as a mobile phone sales person. For most network marketers the reality is that they never get their business off the ground simply due to a lack of qualified leads and prospecting skills. Both of these problems can be solved by using an Attraction Marketing system.

Using the principles that I teach, you can effortlessly generate 30+ TARGETED, leads for your Lightyear Wireless business everyday and use a SYSTEM that will automatically follow up with them, weed out the tire kickers and leave you with the prospects that will MAKE YOU MONEY.

Even if they don’t join your business you will STILL make money! To learn how it’s done in 6 easy steps, get access to my free video bootcamp by entering your Name & Email address below!

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I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got rich....in fact I was earning almost nothing.

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Lightyear Wireless

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