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A Post Planner Review – Easy Facebook Marketing On Auto-Pilot!

Welcome to this Post Planner review.
This is a cool tool that you can use to automate your Facebook group, wall and page postings. I’ve used it now for a few weeks and have gotten some great results from it.

Whether you want to get leads or just increase your brand exposure on Facebook, the Post Planner is going to make things a damn site easier!

Watch my Post Planner review video to check out how it works


post planner review
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Obviously you will need to join some groups on Facebook to post to…I look for relevant groups and then request to join them. I do this daily and will usually join around 10 a day (trying to fly under the radar).

You need to remember that Facebook limit each account to joining 300 groups so if you’re really gonna go ‘bad-ass’ with this strategy then you might want to consider opening a few Facebook accounts.

When posting on Facebook make sure you are offering some kind of value…just chucking up a link to the next amazing biz opportunity is old and boring, plus it’s what the majority of people are doing. So… stand out from the noise, offer interesting valuable information, use an eye grabbing image and title!

Sometimes I link straight to a capture page (one of my own) and I’ve seen some great results, so set up some tracking and experiment.

I’m feeling lazy today so won’t write much else apart from get busy and start posting on Facebook!

It’s a great source of free leads and you can get some really good conversions out of it.

You might find my earlier blog post useful as well which shows you how to get free leads from Facebook.

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Post Planner

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