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My Lead System Pro Member Of The Month

A quick shout out to My Lead System Pro and a thank you for electing me member of the month for personal enrolments in August.   What does it mean to be member of the month? It means that you’re popping up on the leader boards and are at the top of the game recruiting […]

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Have You Decided Or Are You Committed?

I was watching the fast start training in the back office of my primary Network Marketing company and one concept really jumped out at me that could change your entire life. When I began to start listening & watching success cultivating material daily, every day you learn something new   There’s one sure and certain […]

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Work = Inbox Activity

Work = Inbox Activity   Take Action   Get Busy     As a lion ferociously roars and the animal kingdom stands to attention, we can rise daily and speak our vision into existence with unrelenting FAITH & EMOTION, reaching deep into our sub-conscious mind, thereby calling on our most powerful asset to assist us […]

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Be RELENTLESS in living in your vision   Always be learning   Read daily   Listen to audio daily   Practice speaking live daily   Speak to a live audience weekly (need to take that one on board myself!)   Exercise daily   Show up for your business daily   Constantly test new things   […]

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Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink

I came across this old 1980’s audio from Amway’s Executive Diamond, Dave Severn, ‘Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink’ – one of the most inspirational, powerful audios I’ve ever heard!   I’ve listened to it through 3 times so far, inspiration and ideas just keep on coming from that audio   The message is clear…   […]

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I actually sent this out as an email to my valued subscribers…..but it’s such a powerful message it should be here for everyone to see…   I’ve just finished up reading a book called the 50th Law.   Watch the video to learn a VITAL concept to success in life…in anything     Please allow […]

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