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I WAS A Wussy (And What I Did About It)

It’s funny, sometimes things happen in life you don’t expect.   Things can also happen to us internally that we don’t expect.   Yesterday morning (Friday 9th) I woke up as normal, thankful that I didn’t have to rush out the door to a Job.   I had no idea (and had not planned) that […]

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Overcoming Article Writers Block

Anyone who has been involved with article marketing for any length of time will know that the dreaded ‘block’ can plague us at anytime! It’s essential we overcome this.   If you are building traffic to your website through article marketing then you will know how important it is to keep pumping out the goods. […]

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Video PROOF My Marketing Works!

Just a quick post today to show what YOU can achieve using my marketing strategies that I teach in my 5 day bootcamp.   Bear in mind that this is all using FREE marketing, so even if you’re on a budget, this can work for you.   Enjoy the video!     Want to use […]

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