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Cheap MLM Leads – Thinking Of Buying Some? DON’T Do It! Read This First!

getleadsOh my! You have been searching around for the term, ‘cheap mlm leads’? or something like it? Does that mean that you are considering actually paying for your mlm leads and are looking for a good deal?? If so please STOP and read my blog post before you spend any money at all! I want to share a little secret with you first 🙂

I myself have never paid for MLM leads and never would but I do know some of my fellow marketers have paid for leads before at cheap and expensive prices. Most of them regret the day that the idea ever popped into their head and have ended up wasting hours on the phone making calls to so called ‘warm’ leads. These leads often turn out to be dead numbers, dead beats or people that are just hands down not interested!

Watch my video where I explain why not to buy cheap MLM leads….


There are a lot of companies about these days cashing in on the lead business. In my previous life as a mortgage broker I actually sampled a few purchased leads and the conversion rates from them were diabolical. MLM leads are no better, in fact they are worse.

My friend, if you are considering buying leads for your MLM business then I want you to stick with me and learn a better way. The problem with the leads sold by these companies is that they have mostly already been flogged to death. They are often obtained from research companies that send out generic questionnaires to households across the country, you may have received one yourself. They are very general in nature and rarely produce qualified leads. These companies then make an educated guess on what these people might be interested in and then go on to sell them as ‘targeted’ leads.

Another major problem with trying to recruit ‘paid for’ leads is that when you call them the common response is ‘who the hell are you?’ or words to that effect. Most of these people have either completed a generic questionnaire or a business opportunity online opt in form.

There has been no relationship formed between you and them so why should they trust or even listen to what you have to say?

The whole point of prospecting (if you’re doing it right) is to build a relationship and trust with your prospect, this is done by offering massive value and providing the solutions that they are looking for and by general interaction.

In my opinion (and many other network marketers) buying MLM leads is a waste of your money and then it’s a waste of your time to follow up with them. You are FAR better off generating your own targeted leads and the internet is one great place to do this.

If you learn the proper strategies and are willing to put in some work you can be generating your own leads every day into your business. These will be YOUR leads, people that have come to you and are ready and open to receive your communications.

The great thing is that you don’t even have to spend much money to put this into action, starting this week.

The first thing I want you to do is to watch my video presentation and read my post about my Network Marketing lead generation strategy, then after I want you to opt-in to my MLM training centre where you will learn the EXACT strategies that are used by the top 1% of MLM marketers to generate over 80 leads every day to their business.

Want to get straight into the action?

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