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David Wood Review Online Article Marketing Strategy – This is THE Way To DOMINATE Google Page One For Your Niche

davewoodI wanted to review someone today that has taken the MLM industry by storm. If your involved with online marketing you have probably heard about him!

David Wood is by far the most inspirational, spirited and talented individual that I have ever encountered. ‘Oh to touch the hem of his garment’ – well maybe not quite, but when it comes to mlm David has certainly got it nailed down to an art and yes I believe that sponsoring in MLM is indeed an art. Having been involved with mlm for some seven years or so, like most of us David struggled in building his business offline.

Can I just say at this point to clarify that there is indeed a place for offline mlm marketing despite the people who say ‘offline mlm’ is dead. That’s just a load of bull. Anyway I will rant about that in another post.

After a year and a half of living off of his dwindling residual income he drew a line in the sand and turned to the internet to market his mlm. David Wood started building his mlm online, from a broke perspective, at this point he was literally eating rice from cans and wondering where the next meal was coming from.

Now he is over $100,000 better off, generates over 80 leads a day for free and has moved from chilly Alaska to a sublime beach fronted home in Costa Rica with his beautiful wife Ashley. The man is indeed a success story. Oh yeah, he didn’t spend a dime on marketing.

‘What the heck? How?’ I hear you ask.

The online article and content marketing strategy is the secret weapon that David Wood uses to generate mass mlm traffic and we know what happens when you get lots of targeted traffic, you get lots of leads. Using some simple article marketing strategies and using videos you can over time dominate the search engines for your niche market. I have watched David’s site rise to an Alexa ranking of around 28,500 in the last 2 months, a truly incredible achievement for any website let alone one that is only six months old.

The key to a good article marketing strategy is to write informative, compelling content. When someone reads your article you want them to get some real value from it, but it must also entice them to take action and click on your link, do this right and you will generate some good traffic. Equally important is the backlinks that you will build to your website, this will increase your site ranking to Google page 1 over time.

However consistency is the key. When you have posted your article you then need to distribute it to some of the popular directories to get exposure, plus you should consider creating videos to promote your content so that you reach more people. There is also another little known method that will blast your rankings through the roof. More on that later.

Content marketing is by far the most powerful way to get traffic if you are on a budget, but be warned it’s no free lunch! It will take time to create content and then promote it, but it will be worth the effort, just check out the results of David Wood. Just make sure my friends that anything you produce is YOURS and not a copy of someone else’s work.

By being unique and putting your own personality into things you will attract the right people to you and over time they will become your prospects and hopefully business associates. You will have a far more profitable business that way. Oh and David Wood has achieved these amazing results for not just one website but two!

This David Wood review skims the surface of the power of content marketing, to get free access today to a 76 minute recorded webinar which will teach you EXACTLY how to implement ALL of David’s strategies PLUS the little known secrets to blasting your Google rankings through the roof watch this webinar now! Look, if you are serious your business and are on a tight budget, this is for YOU!

David Wood review


David Wood review

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