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Double Opt In & Dumbness?

forwardJust switched to double opt in on one of my lists…when people click to confirm their email they are immediately taken to a webinar registration page…so far around 60% of people register for the webinar. A great opportunity to get in front of subscribers live and IMMEDIATELY stand out from the majority.

Something you guys might already be doing….opt in to a load of peoples lists who promote the same deal as you. Go for anyones list, whether they are making money or not, its interesting to see how easy it is to craft your own process thats different and more strategic than most others, it’s also interesting to pick up new ideas from what other people are doing and model them (assuming of course that the people you’re modelling are making money, which is fairly easy to tell)

Will keep you guys updated on the double opt in thing, so far approx 60% are confirming their email. Yes you will get less subscribers and the way I see it if someone can’t confirm an email then I don’t want them on my list and they probably won’t ever read an email and engage anyway.

With double opt-in you’re likely to get higher open rates, less unsubscribes, less douche bags, higher conversions, and generally a healthier list.

We’ll see

Keep rocking it guys, doing my first live webinar for my list tonight (in over a year!), 32 registered so far, looking forward to it.

When’s yours?

By the way the reason I’ve not been doing live events every week for the last 3 years is because of this one excuse….

“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what I will teach, what if I run out of things to say, what if I look & sound stupid”

These are probably the dumbest excuses that anyone could give, and believe me I feel dumb. That’s exactly why tonight I’m getting up in front of a live audience and trusting my unconscious mind to deliver.

They are even dumber excuses considering that for the last 3 years I’ve had it drummed into my head by more than one person that as soon as you have a list of people you should start doing a live event every week.


I was going to make this for team members only and just decided to make this public as well….someone might get inspired

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