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Free Automated Income Can Set You Free! ($50,000+ Video Proof)

Free Traffic banked me over $50K in 12 months (video proof)

Welcome to my blog post! I wanted to show you some figures of what I’ve earned over the last 12 months in my business starting from a newbie. I get a lot of people asking me ‘Jame’s does this online stuff really work?’

Well the answer is YES it does!


If you’re new to this game then you might need a little bit of re-assurance that this can actually work for you, so that’s the reason for today’s blog post and video.

Now I’m not really big on keeping figures, as long as the pay cheques are there each month everything’s cool, but after going through a business model analysis I wanted to share the figures with you. These are not hyped up figures and they show you NET profit.

Over the last 12 months I banked $31,285.74 in 100% Automated Net Profit by promoting ONE affiliate program using purely free traffic
(my lead cost was $0.00)

This one affiliate program actually has many others built in to it so they just promote themselves. These programs pay around 20-30% commissions but I recently started promoting another program that pays 100% commissions (upto $1,625 per sale, more on that in a minute)

I go more into details in this video I just cut.

These figures don’t include Network Marketing income and they don’t include advertising revenue & ‘internet marketing’ income earned which equates to an extra $28,478.29

I’ve not included this income in this specific income example as I don’t know what your primary business is or what other stuff you promote, so I wanted to keep these figures as real and relevant as possible for you.

These results are by no means ‘impressive’

But my goal 12 months ago was to replace my full time income and be 100% free of the corporate world and thats what I’ve done and will show you how to do.

It’s also kind of freaky that I only achieved EXACTLY what I wrote down lol.

Next time I write a goal down it will be significantly larger.

So to sum up…..

Working from home for just 90-100 days solid last year produced….

$31,285.74 in automated NET profit in 12 months (plus $28,478.29, from other stuff)
With no telephone calls (only returning calls)
Working 1-2 hours each week to keep things ‘ticking over’, the rest of the time I would do whatever I fancied.

Beats working a day job……

It’s also cool when I can show other people how to do the same, following what’s a relatively simple blueprint.

To make this work for you you’re going to need a marketing system…..

There are 2 that I recommend you join

MLSP (My Lead System Pro) ($9 to join) (this is the system that earnt me $31,285.74 for free, by the way I don’t actually pay anything to use that marketing system, once you hit ‘L3’ (easy to do) they give it to you for free!)
Empower Network ($25 / £15 to join) (earn up to $1,600 per sale + get 100% commissions, full blogging & marketing system incuded with the $25, automated sales process that converts better than anything else in the niche – I’m not kidding)

Either one can make you money, but by having them both will elevate you to the top of the game faster….much, much faster

Also something to bear in mind….if you’re into network marketing then MLSP is probably going to be more useful to you….simply because its more customizable and designed specifically for network marketers. Remember that this is a marketing system & affiliate program. It’s pretty good and pays around 30-40% commissions. There’s quite a few other inbuilt products which also bring in some nice pay cheques as well 🙂

I wouldn’t be where I am today without MLSP and you can read my full review of it here

The Empower Network is a different beast altogether, it’s a marketing & training platform yea but with a massive difference…..You get all the money…..they pay 100% commissions lol.

If you use their payment processor (which I’d recommend) then you’ll be getting like 98% paid to you….so not bad right?

The big difference with Empower is the conversions from leads to sale….everything converts higher. The capture pages and sales videos convert higher and I’ve got the stats to prove it. I’ve become a tracking nut lol and track everything now.

With Empower you will make a ton more money for the same amount of work…period. See what others are saying by watching the video here

If you’re ready to get on the ‘Freedom Train’ then now is a good time.

WAIT! Before You Go….
I’d seriously recommend also getting these free 7 videos, they have been instrumental in my success to break free of corporate slavery and I know they can help you too, just click the image below and you can get access right away to the training.


Call me, skype me, email me, do whatever you need to do before you get in……just get in.

We’ll be waiting to help you live your dreams.

It’s up to you to DECIDE your dreams will happen, write a goal down on paper TONIGHT

Then get IN and get BUSY!

p.p.s Your Important Links

Join MLSP for $9 – Easy automated leads and money (for those building a Network Marketing company)

Join my Empower team ($25 / £15) – Even easier money lol (for those who don’t like Network Marketing but just want to make money and help others do the same)

James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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