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Is Your Heart In It? (Day 4)

It’s Sunday and its day 4 of the 21 day blogging challenge. I’ve often found before that when embarking on any type of challenge that’s for a sustained period of time (or setting out to form a new habit) it’s usually days 4 – 9 when ‘doubts creep in and laziness’

Doubts about completing the challenge, feelings of ‘just missing one day won’t hurt’, or ‘no one will notice’ etc…

Ever had that?

Ever started something and not seen it through to completion? I have many times before

If someone doesn’t complete what they started its probably because their hearts not really in it.

I’m not blogging today because I ‘feel like it’, I could quite easily not bother, its Sunday night after all, but I’m committed to my future, I’m committed to my business and I’m committed to my team and I’m committed to setting an example.

I’m also committed to my self image…a man of my word

Are you willing to commit to your future and creating your desired lifestyle? Are you REALLY committed?

A lot of folks say their committed and want a better life yet I see few who actually take the action needed to make a change happen. People who want a better life yet aren’t acting on it are dreamers….and that’s all they are and maybe even all they’ll ever be.

They’ll look back on their life and wish they’d taken action and acted on the opportunities that are available to you right now. The opportunity to build a business from home on your terms.

When I started my business back in 2009 I had to come to terms with the fact that there would be work involved. Pain. Sacrifice.

I didn’t even know if the work I was about to embark on would even produce a result. I had to continue working even whilst there was no immediate results…I was working for a vision, something that I could see in my mind’s eye but that wasn’t yet physically manifested.

And what was the vision?

It was earning an income from home sufficient to live a comfortable life without relying on a traditional job and ‘trading time for money’. Back then it was more like an obsession, I couldn’t stop thinking about it day and night. I spent hours watching videos from other successful marketers and imagining myself living a life of freedom.

No boss, no alarm clock, no commute, just freedom to live how I want on my own terms

There were times of doubt and wondering if it could really happen for me and as I look back over the last few years I’m filled with gratitude that I’ve been able to realize my vision, and I’m even more excited knowing that this is just the start, and it’s just the start for you.

All it takes is a decision that you want a better life, a life with more freedom and to be part of a team of people focused in one direction…a direction of prosperity, unshakable courage and determination.

Because as a team this year in 2015 we’re going to raise up 5 new people that will be able to (if they choose) to leave the ‘traditional’ model of earning an income of ‘trading time for money’ and who will build a business whilst enjoying their life, exclusively on their terms. The only question is…

Is your heart really in it to make sure you’re one of the 5?
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James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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