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How I Got A 90% Payrise In Under 10 Hours A Week

cashWould it be cool if you could give yourself a 90% pay rise at anytime you wanted?
Today I worked out the income I’ve received from my Empower Network business over the last 4 months (since I’ve taken Empower seriously)…it turns out that I’ve given myself a 90% pay rise based on what I was earning as an employed full time mortgage broker.

That’s cool for 3 reasons!
1) I worked under 10 hours a week in productive time to make that happen
2) If I can do it SO CAN YOU!
3) Most of that income is RESIDUAL INCOME which means it rolls in month after month with no extra work sum up….with Empower I’ve have increased my previous full time 45+ hour a week salary by 90%!!

I’m only including Empower Network income here….I have some other affiliate stuff going on as well.

But seriously, that is just soooo cool, right?

Being able to bust out of the rat race and earn money from the comfort of home…

..and it all started from a $25 investment!

So how did I do it?

1) By getting eyeballs to this capture page
2) Following the Empower Network 8 Core Commitments.
3) Having my assistant call my new members and finding out what their goals are and seeing if I can work personally with them.

That’s it!

Simple right?

You don’t even need to have customers called if you don’t want to…..(but you’ll probably make more money if you do)

So what’s the next step for me?

To earn more money….how?
By getting more eyeballs to this capture page

What’s the next step for you?


I want you to have the same and better results, I want you to also experience FREEDOM from the rat race (corporate slavery)

One of the cool things about this industry is when you see other people succeeding and creating their own freedom.

I will help you get the results you want so here’s what to do next…
1) Follow today’s assignments (below)
2) Write down your goals (how much you want to earn a month and how quickly)
3) Wait for my assistant to call you and she will book you in for a coaching session with me and we can put a plan of action in place.

That’s it.

Incredible things happen when you desire, believe and take action!


Here’s the links you’ll need for promotion (just replace ‘jameshicks’ with whatever your username is)
Capture Page: (more available in back office under tools)
Sales Page:
Join Page:
Video Join Now Page:
Badass Webinar:
Live Stream:
100% Commission Comp Plan Video:
Real Time Income Disclosure:

Here’s Your Assignments For Today…

1) Watch this, take notes & Register yourself in our team if you’re not yet involved and plug into our training straight away. Plus you’ll have the right to earn 100% commissions which is darned cool right?

2) Follow the 8 Core Commitments which you’ll see when you log into your back office (watch ALL the training videos TODAY).

3) Dial in and listen to this weeks Empower Hour call

Dial-in number: US (712) 432-0900
Secret access code: 260326

Remember, join us every Monday at 9PM EST

4) Listen to an Inner Circle Audio daily. Download one and listen to it whenever you have ‘down time’, such as driving to work, on a lunch break, or just relaxing doing something that is mentally non intensive.

Listening to daily audio training from people that make more money than you WILL change your perspective and actions permanently.

5) Need Leads today? In this video I show you an effective lead source that you can start using immediately for GUARANTEED LEADS


Remember…..there’s nothing special about the top earners in Empower…they are just like you…they just have a different mindset and therefore do different things that get them incredible results.

And here’s the cool part….what they do is not difficult…

In fact for them it’s easy.

You’ll discover why it’s easy when you decide to click the button below, enter your email address and watch the video


James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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