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Is Your WHY Really Enough To Make It To Your End Goal?

is your why enough toToday I want to ask you…’Is your WHY enough?

If you’re looking to start a home business or are already in one, you will have a reason. Maybe you want to quit your job, buy a new house, buy a new car, pay off some debt, go on more vacations, maybe you’ve got some specific thing that you want to do that that requires more money.

So that might be your WHY and today I wanted to share something with you that’s a little bit deeper, because sometimes a why is not enough to drive you through those times when things are tough in your business.


Maybe your working in your business and not quite getting the results you want just yet.

Here’s something more powerful…and that is have you got a vision of WHO you want to become?

Maybe you want to become someone of value, a leader of a big team or a leader of an army of people across the globe. Maybe you want to be someone that is holding your own events, holding your own mastermind events. Maybe you have a vision of sometime in the future of holding your own coaching events, having premium coaching clients coming to you paying you a lot of money to get around you, to have your knowledge and expertise and be taught by you.

Its a different, deeper meaning when you have a vision of WHO you want to become.

When I heard this it was a big game changer for me. When I got started in the industry and especially when I got started online I just didn’t want to work a job anymore. I wanted to earn enough money so I could live my life, pay my bills without having to work a 9-5 or trade time for money traditional job.

The interesting thing is that’s exactly what I achieved.

That’s all cool, but I knew there was more and when I formed a vision of WHO I want to become I started to see new opportunities and think a lot bigger and that’s when I moved into action to actually start achieving that.

I’m still on the path, I’ll always be on the path learning, improving myself and moving closer to my ultimate vision. So I wanted to share this with you…think about WHO you want to become.

Not just about the material things you want, like a house or car, all that stuff is cool but WHO do you want to become?

What will YOU be like when you reach your final destination?

Will you be a powerful person, a powerful communicator. Will you be someone that emanates good vibrations to everyone. Are you going to become someone that people want your autograph at events. Or someone that people want to hang around you when you do webinars and live events, when you do videos, when you write blog posts, when you send emails.

Are you going to be someone that people are wanting to be around you because of WHO you have become?

I don’t really think it matters where you are at the moment, I don’t think that we should let our previous results or our current circumstances affect the way we think or plan for the future as I believe we all have the equal power to deliberately create the life that you want.

So I wanted to share with you this powerful message of not only focusing on your WHY but WHO you want to become.

If you want to become someone who is successful, someone powerful then you will need to take action and need to start learning daily in order to do that and become the person you want to be.

The person you want to become is most likely going to be someone that gets a lot of results and has a lot of money.

I also believe that before we can get the results we want in the material world, I believe that we must become the type of person that would have those things first.

So maybe starting today you can begin to form a vision of who you are GOING to become

I hope you got value and if you did please like, comment and share 🙂
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