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The Ketogenic Diet – Lose Fat & Get Ripped (My Personal Observations)

Back in March I posted up an update on my recent fat loss journey…

Today here’s another update…

Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been experimenting with a kind of ‘Ketogenic Diet’…I’ll only say ‘kind of’ because I haven’t been particularly ‘keto strict’.. I’ve not followed the EXACT requirements ALL of the time.

I’ve followed it closely enough though to have gotten a taste of the kind of results that can be expected from it.

You can search Google for the lowdown on it and a great resource is this blog here,

So what’s the deal with a keto diet?

It’s basically an ultra low carb diet a bit like the Atkins diet…you eat a shit ton of (good) fat, moderate protein, workout and move closer to your ideal body whilst enjoying a whole host of benefits.

Since being on this diet I’ve had the easiest time losing fat and my body has adjusted to running on fat as its primary fuel source.  I know this because as I write this post I’m more than halfway through an experimental 24 hour fast (never would have entertained the thought before) plus…

I can work out fasted…

I no longer get ‘HANGRY’ which used to be a MAJOR problem for me..

I no longer wake up in pain from hunger…

I have even energy throughout the day…

The afternoon CRASH doesn’t happen anymore (and that used to seriously mess with me)

MUCH less hunger…even if restricting calories…

I’m becoming ripped and muscular…

I can binge on keto foods without putting on fat…

I firmly believe that for a fully rounded life experience you need both money and health…after all if you’re going to be living a life of leisure and outright fun you might as well look and feel great as well right?

If you need to lose a few pounds then check out the ketogenic diet…it rocks and you get to eat some very tasty food along the way and there are some schools of thought that believe that ‘ketosis’ is actually the bodys natural and preferred state and that the standard american diet which is loaded with carbs, sugar and shit is responsible for the diseases that are rampant in todays world…

For anyone interested here’s my daily average daily intakes to give you an idea:

Protein = approx 150g
Carbs = 30-70g (most days under 50g)
Fat = 180g – 300g (300 end if I binge)
Calories = 2,200 – 6,000 (6k end if I binge)

I have also experimented with a one day a week carb up…which usually ends up as an all out binge day (naughty and delicious!).  Whilst not ideal…I’ve not had any fat gain whatsoever as a result of binging

I’m working out 5-6 days a week with weights…each session is 30-60 minutes

Obviously everyone is different so you will need to experiment on yourself…if you have more than 10lbs of fat to lose then I’d recommend reading up on this keto diet method and sticking to it STRICTLY initially.

It seems to me the leaner you get…the more you can ‘get away’ with

As I mentioned I’m 16 hours now into a 24 hour fast and I’ll post up an update on the fast tomorrow.

I hope you got value and if you did please like, comment and share 🙂


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2 Responses to The Ketogenic Diet – Lose Fat & Get Ripped (My Personal Observations)

  1. Gemma May 7, 2017 at 1:01 pm #

    WOW!! thats amazing James, how did you do it??

  2. Kenny August 3, 2017 at 10:01 am #

    Good going James…keep it up

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