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Natures Sunshine – Is This The Company To Make You Rich? Get The Facts In This Unbiased Review & Learn How To Make A Ton Of Money

Welcome to my Natures Sunshine review, I wrote this especially for people who are thinking about joining this company, plus I will also be showing you how you can maximise your success with them!

Nature’s Sunshine actually all started in 1972. Gene and Kristine Hughes originally founded the company along with the help of their family. Gene used to be a school teacher and during a bout of stomach pain he discovered that by swallowing cayenne pepper he was cured!

However the taste of the pepper isn’t the best and his wife suggested putting it into a gelatine capsule, just like the ones we use today. The first product was then created!

Natures SunshineOne thing led to another and the whole family got behind the idea of starting a company selling these capsules and distributing them through word of mouth. As new products were added, sales increased and Natures Sunshine continued to grow to be the giant that it is today, operating in over 30 countries and with an independent distributor sales force of over 600,000.

“This is the first company to ever encapsulate herbs!”

The company’s headquarters is based in Utah and there’s an executive team of 8 talented leaders, all have an outstanding track record in their various industries. Whenever you’re looking for a company to join you want to choose one with a strong leadership team, if you’re in it for the long haul.

Because of their success Natures Sunshine is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has been ranked number 8 in America’s Top 500 Largest Sales Forces by Selling Power magazine.

Natures Sunshine Product Range

There is a great range of over 600 health & wellness products to choose from. There are core nutritional supplements, cleansing, weight management, joint support, fitness and also herb packs. Of particular interest are their food enzyme capsules which help the body’s digestive system and the Thai-Go juice which is designed to enhance the immune system and provide extra energy whilst supporting the cardiovascular system.

There really are a lot of products to choose from and you should be able to keep even your most demanding customers happy. If you are joining then it would be well worth taking the time to go through the product range and educate yourself on what is available.

The Business Opportunity
You can make money with Natures Sunshine in two ways, the first is selling products to customers and making an override profit on the sale (you buy for less, sell for more). The second and more powerful income stream is from building a team of active distributors under you and earning off their sales also. This is where the real power of network marketing is, however you need to become skilled at personal prospecting, recruiting, training and motivating your team to succeed.

The company is paying 50 cents of every dollar back into the comp plan and offering several ways to earn in the form of sponsoring bonuses, rebates on your purchases (up to 30%), commissions on your teams sales, plus of course retail sales. You will also get a year’s free membership to the business opportunity if you purchase $40 worth of products directly from the company.

As most of the Natures Sunshine reviews online will tell you, this is a great company to join. Always remember though that just by joining won’t make you automatically successful. Building a network marketing organization that will pay you a residual income for the years ahead is going to take HARD WORK & DEDICATION. You also want to have some sort of a system that people can follow and duplicate in order to be successful.

One of the biggest problems faced in the industry is a lack of leads, most will kick off their business prospecting their warm market. This is the fastest way to start, but 98% of the time you won’t get much success using this method. So you need a way to expand your warm market continuously so you can keep making presentations to people. This is the only way you will grow your business.

By using some simple strategies and a system you can generate 30+ leads EVERY day for your business. You can also follow up and market to them in such a way that they will WANT to work with you and CALL YOU (rather than you chasing them). This is a very powerful marketing method and you can discover how to start using it in your business immediately.

I will also show you how to earn thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions even if no one joins your Nature’s Sunshine business. Get the free video training by entering your Name & Email address below.


Natures Sunshine

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