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Numis Network Review, Want To Join & Cash In On The Gold & Silver Industry?

If you’re a coin collector, or if you just love money (who doesn’t) and are concerned about its decreasing value in today’s economic climate and would like to solidify your riches in Gold & Silver.

The Numis Network might be for you!


The Numis Network is venturing into unchartered territory in network marketing. They are tapping into the graded gold & silver coin collection industry and adding a network marketing compensation plan to it. The network was founded by Mike Mezack, Jake Kevorkian, Christopher Kent & Ian Cordell, all have had extensive direct sales experience with Mike currently selling graded coins on television!

The sale of silver & gold certified coins is a 10 billion dollar industry in the US and a whopping 100 billion worldwide, so it’s certainly an active market and one that has exploded with growth over the last few years and will continue to grow as people ‘coin on’ to the concept of collecting wealth in a tangible form, sorry for the pun 🙂

You might be asking what is a graded coin? In a nutshell it’s a bullion coin issued by the US (or any other) government that has been certified for authenticity by an independent third party, various factors will depend on the coins value such as weight, content & purity. It is then ultrasonically sealed into a container and then ready for sale to the millions of collectors on the planet.

Silver & Gold prices have exploded recently and people know that these coins are actually worth having so you would think that this network would do very well! Let’s face the facts, the US dollar is becoming increasingly worthless ,so why not stock up on Graded Silver & Gold and have the peace of mind of knowing we hold something of real value.

Bear in mind that you are actually getting these coins at slightly less than their market value and Gold & Silver prices continue to rise. In effect your auto-ship from this company is filling your house with valuable SOLID assests that are only going to increase in value as time goes on. Pretty cool! Although I have heard of one guy in the Numis Network that actually sells his auto-ship coins in the local newspaper for a $50 profit. I can’t think of any other company where you can actually profit from selling your auto-ship!


When asked what their goals were in the company presentation video Mike Mezack replied ‘to become the largest retailer in the world of certified and graded silver and gold modern issued coins’

As far as the compensation plan goes they operate a binary network compensation plan with a left & right leg which are paid down on unlimited levels. The binary system is a very powerful compensation plan IF you build it correctly. You may have heard of the potential ‘spillover’ payments possible with this system but if you are new to MLM you must research this system and ensure that you know exactly how to work it. They also reward you for team members that become ‘Training Qualified’


In the company presentation video Mike Mezack was asked what training is provided, his reply was simply that they make training videos. Having investigated further I discovered that you actually have to pay for the training, this is certainly rather unorthodox as most network marketing companies give you their training for free. Unfortunately if you’re someone who is new to network marketing and you are relying on just the Numis network training you are in for a tough time.

They offer a company replicated website with back office, business presentation videos and numismatic videos for you to watch along with some company produced sales training videos.

Anyone who has been in network marketing for any amount of time will know that just pitching a company replicated website which is exactly the same as every other distributors website is not really going to deliver any significant, if any, results. They teach nothing about branding YOU and nothing about how to offer people value in order to formulate a relationship, they also neglect to teach any methods of generating leads other than the traditional methods which most of us have already tried without success.

However, if you are prepared to invest the time in educating yourself of how to properly market an MLM business then the sky really is the limit with the Numis Network.

If you want to make money with the Numis Network you must learn the fundamental principles that drive people to take action in network marketing, you need to learn how to effectively generate massive amounts of leads and build a list of subscribers.

You then need to learn how to turn those prospects into active distributors.

To subscribe to my free training center to learn EXACTLY how to do this PLUS get your hands on a system that will do most of this for you on auto-pilot enter your name and email address below and get yourself on the road to success with this company in record time.


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