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Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing (the perfect business)

If ever you are feeling down and out about your Network Marketing business then I would highly recommend an hour or two reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books!

You will for sure be inspired and motivated.

Robert is well known for his great success as a business man and author of several self help and motivational books. I doubt there are many Network Marketers around that haven’t heard of Rich Dad, Poor Dad! A book that you simply must read if you haven’t already.

In fact take a look at this video, Robert talks about his book, and more importantly, tells us WHY we should be involved with Network Marketing and Direct Sales. It’s a real eye opener to discover which type of person you really are.

Click play to watch Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing (the perfect business)


He has written 15 books so far and sold over a whopping 26 million copies!

“In his younger days he served in the Vietnam War as a helicopter gunship pilot and was awarded the Air Medal.”

Most of his teachings focus on creating passive income by means of direct sales, investments and real estate. He has been successful in these areas himself throughout his business career. There is no doubt that in today’s economic climate we should not be trying to get rich building someone else’s empire, but building our own empires and leveraging people and money to work for us.

It’s quite sad that so many people are quite happy to tip toe through life seeking that safe & secure job, when they could be creating a life of wealth and freedom for themselves.

Robert Kiyosaki Network MarketingNetwork Marketing is the only business that I can think of that allows the average person to start their own business for minimal cost, and it have the potential to create a very large residual income. With most traditional businesses you would need to invest thousands of dollars, but most Network Marketing deals you can get into for $100 – $600. Also consider just how many millionaires have been created in this industry.

Many people across the world are very interested in the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing principles, but he has come under criticism for his material being mostly anecdotal, and not containing any actual ‘how to’ information. Whilst that’s true, you still can get an incredible amount of benefit from his material. You won’t be building any business without the right mindset and motivation!

So once your mind is in the right place and you’re ready to get started, what will you need for your business? Well two things that you will most definitely need are an unlimited supply of leads and upfront cash flow. Without leads your business obviously will never go anywhere, and sadly this is the number one problem that Network Marketers face. Secondly most newbie’s will quit within 90 days if they don’t make any cash. This can be a real killer when it comes to building a team.

The good news is that both these problems are not actually that difficult to solve, if you can get your head around the internet. Myself and many other Network Marketers are using the internet to build our business….because it flat out works stinking well!

If you were generating 30 or more leads each day to your business and earning an affiliate income almost daily, would that help improve your situation? If it would, then let me give you the step by step blueprint where I reveal my secret formula for traffic, leads and cashflow in my 6 day video bootcamp. I’m not even charging for it! Enter your Name & Email below and you can get instant access. Be blessed my friend!

“Use Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing principles plus modern day technology to EXPLODE your business!”


Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing

James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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