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Simple2Advertise Review – The ONE Reason Above All You Should Use This System

Welcome to today’s blog post!
Blogging daily works wonders for you and your business…

Since blogging daily again “off the cuff” my creative powers and ability to communicate effectively has increased tenfold….more on that later though…

Today I wanted to show you a marketing system that you can use alongside your Empower Network business.

In fact this marketing system (Simple2Advertise) is designed specifically for the Empower Network….

Everything just got a ton easier…

Here’s a quick video review of the Simple2Advertise system for you…



I thought a video would be easier to show you what’s in this system…

Here’s the brief overview of what you get….

– Custom made capture pages (new ones brought out each month)
– QUIZZ style capture pages (mega high conversions as proven by Daegan Smith)
– Video style capture pages (stacked with valuable content which will have your prospects riveted to their computer screen)
– Hot rocking Empower Network banner ads (highly converting)
– Built in affiliate program (make more money from your team and help them get results FAST)
– Affiliate contests and prizes
OK…here’s what’s really cool
– Advertising Co-Op (forget wondering where to advertise…just buy shares in the co-op and get leads…)
– Advertising resources (hundreds of effective advertising sources revealed – watch my video review for more info)

All round this is a COOL SYSTEM….

Marketing the Empower Network, doesn’t get much easier than this.

So why should you use Simple2Advertise?

1) Stand out from the crowd with capture pages, banners and marketing funnels that have not been seen much
2) Simply copy and paste your link and you’re done
3) Get leads easily and quickly with the Co-Op’s, you just buy a slot/s and you’re done
4) Let the experts do the donkey work of finding the best places to advertise and let them write the copy (they know what converts as they are using their advertising sources regularly and have tried and tested data)
5) You don’t have to do any of the hard work anymore of finding traffic sources (worth thousands of dollars a month alone)

HINT: It’s worth taking a look at this just for the adverting sources and co-ops.

Check out my video review of the Simple2Advertise system where I’ll explain how it works and show you round the back office.

Click here to check out the system for yourself


This is a VERY cool system and one that EVERY Empower business owner should be using.


There really is now no excuse not to get busy making money with the Empower Network, you literally have EVERYTHING you need. The only reason you wouldn’t make money with Empower is because you decide not to.

Here’s Your Assignments For Today…

1) Watch this, take notes & Register yourself in our team if you’re not yet involved and plug into our training straight away. Plus you’ll have the right to earn 100% commissions which is darned cool right?

2) Follow the 8 Core Commitments which you’ll see when you log into your back office (watch ALL the training videos TODAY).

3) Dial in and listen to this weeks Empower Hour call

Dial-in number: US (712) 432-0900
Secret access code: 260326

Remember, join us every Monday at 9PM EST

4) Make a decision RIGHT NOW that you will do at least one productive activity for your business each day, no matter how small it seems.

5) Check out the Simple2Advertise system by clicking here, and register a paid account. Then dive right into purchasing shares in a co-op or use one of the many advertising platforms recommended and place an ad! This is the fastest way to start building your list and making sales!

Remember…..there’s nothing special about the top earners in Empower…they are just like you…they just have a different mindset and therefore do different things that get them incredible results.

And here’s the cool part….what they do is not difficult…

In fact for them it’s easy.

You’ll discover why it’s easy when you decide to click the button below, enter your email address and watch the video


James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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