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The Empower Network Vision For 2013/14 – Will You Watch It Pass You By? Or Are You Getting In?

visionWere you on the Empower Hour call this Monday just gone?
If not you MISSED OUT as the vision for 2013/14 was laid out passionately by David Wood. This is the first time I’ve heard Dave speak with such power and emotion….
When you realize what we’re doing in Empower and how we’re changing lives around the world you might catch the vision too…
If you want to be part of something BIG (and make decent money) then listen to this audio, take notes and join us.

David Wood Reveals The 2013/14 Vision For Empower Network (Powerful Audio)

Watch this to learn WHY it’s actually easy to have EVERYTHING that you want in your life NOW

Here’s Your Assignments For Today…

1) Watch this, take notes & Register yourself in our team if you’re not yet involved and plug into our training straight away. Plus you’ll have the right to earn 100% commissions which is darned cool right?

2) Follow the 8 Core Commitments which you’ll see when you log into your back office (watch ALL the training videos TODAY).

3) Dial in and listen to this weeks Empower Hour call

Dial-in number: US (712) 432-0900
Secret access code: 260326

Remember, join us every Monday at 9PM EST

4) After you’ve joined in my team, please wait 48 hours or so for my assistant to call you. She will find out what your goals are and book you in for a coaching session so we can get started on your gameplan for success!

Remember…..there’s nothing special about the top earners in Empower…they are just like you…they just have a different mindset and therefore do different things that get them incredible results.

And here’s the cool part….what they do is not difficult…

In fact for them it’s easy.

You’ll discover why it’s easy when you decide to click the button below, enter your email address and watch the video


James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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