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Try vs. Do (Day 5)

Sometimes someone says something to you and it can stick in your head for months, years or maybe forever.

In today’s blog post for Day 5 I’m going to give you a challenge which I’m going to take part in myself as well!

A while back I was listening to a Tony Robbins seminar and he was talking about how most people talk themselves into doing stuff.

I.e. when you need to get something done what do you say to yourself?

‘I’ll try’

‘I should’

‘I could’

‘I ought to’

‘I might’


Using these phrases leaves an element of doubt as to if you’ll actually complete the task, it also leaves room to not complete the task and the worst one of all is that saying ‘I’ll try’ is a universal presupposition for the option of failure

Are you going through life ‘trying’ yet really expecting to fail?

I did for a long time and still catch myself using the above phrases

He said that instead of using weak phrases like the ones above instead say ‘I MUST’

So I tried it

I said I MUST and I noticed something interesting

Try it for yourself

When you say I MUST you make a promise to yourself that it’ll get done. Physically you change, your posture changes and you feel a sense of certainty and relief that you’ll do what needs to be done.

People will react differently to you as well, we all like a confident person who is true to their word and we can rely on them and know that when they say they’ll do something….

They’ll do it

try vs do

So the challenge for the next 7 days is to erase the weak phases and replace them all with ‘I WILL’ or ‘I MUST’

Every time someone asks you for a decision or you make a pact with yourself to get something done, be 100% sure and say I MUST or I WILL

I’m pretty sure we’ll both get a lot more accomplished, become more powerful, more respected, more confident and better equipped to get the results we want in life.

I DO, I WILL, I MUST is for winners, the rest is for weak willed losers and losers don’t live fulfilled, exciting, prosperous lives

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