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TVI Express Review, Is This An Elaborate Modern Day ‘Ponzi’ Scam?

There has been an incredible amount of talk recently about Travel Ventures International (TVI) who were based in Heathrow, London, UK (I think now they are in Cyprus) so I couldn’t help but take a look.

They started up in January 2009 and what drew me to take a look at this opportunity was the incredible income claims being made by distributors. I spent a good hour or so looking through their opportunity presentation website but one question kept nagging me…’What tangible product am I selling if I join up?’ Whenever I get this question pop up in my mind I always get alarm bells ringing.

TVI Express

After reading the company website and doing my own further research the only ‘product’ that I can relate to this opportunity is a 5/6 night hotel accommodation voucher which you get when you sign up for $250 and the promise of access to ‘future holiday & vacation deals’ plus of course rewards for bringing others into the scheme.

“If anyone in TVI Epxress wants to tell me exactly what the products are then please contact me so this article can be updated.”

When I was reading their website I couldn’t help feeling that someone was trying to confuse and ‘dupe’ me with promises of wealth and a never ending life of luxury, but then again a lot of biz op sites make you feel like that!

My biggest issue with this company is that they are not clear on what they are actually selling apart from a ‘voucher/s’ and rewards for bringing others into the scheme.

Most Network Marketing companies have actual tangible products and people can retail them in their own right.

How can you make money with TVI Express?

You will make money in TVI by getting other people to join the scheme. They operate a ‘rotating matrix’ compensation plan and you have to ‘cycle’ through the ‘Travel Board’ first and then you will be paid $250 and given an e-voucher of $250.

TVI Express

You will then be promoted to the ‘Express board’ and repeat this ‘cycle’ and every time you do, you will be paid $10,000. To join TVI there is a onetime only payment of $250. In order to qualify for the bonus payment you need to sponsor just 2 people.

TVI Express

So how is it possible for you to get 2 people to join for $250 each and then get paid $10,000?

Because right now thousands of people are signing up in the hope of riches and paying their $250 fee and as long as this keeps happening everyone is able to keep cycling through the matrix and being ‘pushed’ to the top and exiting with their $10,000. They then re-enter the matrix and can apparently keep doing it over and over again.

It’s inevitable that this type of scheme will boom & bust. As soon as people stop joining (or the company gets shut down) no-one will be able to cycle through the matrix anymore. With a traditional MLM company that becomes saturated, distributors will still make money because they are selling products of REAL VALUE to end users.

Is this a modern day Ponzi?

When looking at an MLM company to join I always look at the products and if they provide REAL value to the end user. I also ask the question ‘would the product stand up on its own?’ Also, would the business model stand up in a court of law if challenged? You should also do the same.

I would never promote this opportunity to my subscribers personally, this business is just not for me.

If you are a TVI Express representative and feel I’ve missed something out, feel free to comment and tell me some positive experiences you have had with this company. This will help people make up their mind when deciding if they should join TVI.

Should you join TVI?

Well the compensation plan looks extremely impressive. I’ve not looked too deeply into it but if it really is as easy as paying $250 and sponsoring 2 people to make $10,000 then go for it.

Just one word of warning though, I have read on some forums that TVI don’t accept credit card payments (you have to wire the money to an overseas bank account – seems strange) and that you don’t necessarily get paid commissions in cash but in ‘vouchers’ which you need to redeem against offers the company currently has available. This is by no means rock solid truth, just what I briefly read. I don’t have the time to spend looking too deeply into this company!

Will I join TVI Express?

Myself no. Should you join? Well it’s up to you my friend, just be sure to do thorough research and make sure the company is in alignment with your core values.

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TVI Express

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