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Would You Fire Yourself?

Just listening to training in the ‘Your Best Month Ever‘ Empower Network training product, an interesting quote from Dave Wood…

“That’s why I believe Vick that when people start to do live stuff they transform, and I’ve seen this really consistently by the way, I don’t know anybody who has anything other than a very small level of success that does not do live stuff, I just don’t know anyone”

For the last 3 years I’ve been ‘meaning to start doing live stuff weekly’….my time as a radio presenter prepared me to be able to speak live (the idea used to terrify me) and brought me to a place where I absolutely LOVE doing live webinars and love the idea of doing live teleconference calls, inspiring and teaching and casting a vision.

I know I love doing live webinars because I’ve done a few….

Once was for a company presentation in front of approx 90 live attendants…it was for a company that sold gold ingots and the presentation was very facts orientated, all with slides and a script approved by the company. Made me feel more comfortable having a script.

I’ll never forget standing at my computer when the presentation was done, all the comments whizzing by ‘wow! great webinar, thanks!!, that was awesome!, Well done James! etc…’ That night I was totally pumped on a real high, I felt I’d grown a little bit in confidence and my communication ability.

I’ve done a few webinars for my list before (maybe about 8 in total in the last 3 years) and loved every one of them, always felt ‘pumped’ after them, felt like I’d pushed myself a little bit further out of my comfort zone.

I remember in 2010 sending Dave Wood a message on Skype…’Hey Dave, have you got any trainings you’ve done on doing webinars?’
His response…’just do them :)’

I wonder what would have happened to me and my business if for the last 3 years I’d been doing a live event EVERY WEEK

If you were an employer and you employed you….and you watched what you do in your business….would you fire yourself? Would you accept the excuses that you give yourself?


James is into weight training, fitness, travel, chess, personal development, internet marketing and teaching home business owners how to build their business in the most leveraged way possible using the internet to get results quickly… James believes the best way to live is to be healthy, get money (as effortlessly as possible), feel awesome and INSPIRE others to do the same!

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