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YourNetBiz Review – Should You Join This Company & What Does It Offer?

I wanted to write a quick review of the YourNetBiz home business opportunity as some of my followers have been nagging me to do so! Please note though that I’m not involved with this company in any way.


This is not your traditional mlm business model as it’s what is known as a ‘High Ticket Top Tier’ direct sales business, you get a massive $2K commission from front end sales of the ‘Platinum’ package and then you will earn residual income from the efforts of your team 1 level deep. Some hardcore MLM veterans scoff at such opportunities because there is no potential for that deep level residual income power that comes from traditional mlm compensation plans.

However the $2k commission which is paid IMMEDIATELY on a sale I find rather yummy 🙂 If you’re willing to help your team be successful (which you should be!) then you can earn a nice $500 from every sale your 1st level team makes, get 10 team members making 2 sales a month and that’s a tasty $10k residual monthly income.


With YourNetBiz you will make more per sale when compared to traditional mlm, BUT you will need MORE leads to make a sale because of the buy in cost, but given the commission payout it makes pay-per-click very viable if you are not already getting leads on a daily basis through an established website.


What Is YourNetBiz?




YourNetBiz is a premier online business and coaching company who are dedicated to the ongoing support and success of its customers and its associates. YourNetBiz was co-founded by Rob Hannley & Dave Garven and launched in May 2009, it was previously known as MyInternetBusiness (MIB). MIB & Your Net Biz are the same company.

I can find no negative reasons for the name change, it’s just purely based on feedback from members and is overall a better name for marketing the business. It would be a bit of a mouthful to say ‘hey, come and look at my internet business, it’s called my internet business’ Along with the rebrand came an up rating of the back office & already impressive product suite.


This is the company statement

‘Our mission is to become the premier online direct sales business in the world. In doing so we aim to be a valued partner each of our Associates will be proud to represent. How? By providing unmatched value with our product suite, providing distinct and innovative marketing solutions, and providing cutting edge, real time, marketing training, which will give our clients and Associates something they can truly enjoy an advantage on the Internet not afforded to others.’


What do you get?

Essentially this is a home business franchise in a ‘box’ which is based online. When looking at what you get for the money I only looked at the top entry level of ‘platinum’ as in my opinion joining below this level is plain silly.


1) You will get a complete suite of over 2000 digital products covering 88 different niches, these products you will have full re-sale rights to so you can market them individually to earn a substantial amount of money. The information marketing industry really is taking off right now.


2) You will have your own automated online marketing system which consists of capture pages which are customizable (although word on the grapevine is that you are FAR better off creating your own, which is easy to do), a product tour website which fully explains the business to your prospect, this includes videos and great sales copy plus video testimonials from top earners.

Automatic payments are taken via SW Reg, SW Reg will charge you about $50 per platinum sale transaction. You will also have your own retail website for selling the information products. Plus of course a back office allowing you to track and administrate your business and it’s fully loaded with training material to teach you how to start making money online. There is a monthly fee of $59 for the online system.


3) You will get your own personal business assistant who will actually speak to your prospects and close the sale for you! If you are not comfortable in talking to your prospects before the sale then in theory you don’t have to, the PBA’s will do it all for you! This allows you to completely automate Your Net Biz.


4) Access to some of the best coaching available about how to market your business online, starting from the basics all the way up to professional marketing level, plus weekly live web events.


5) Along with the platinum package you also get full access to Primo vacations (I will write a separate review of this soon) It’s probably worth buying the YourNetBiz package just for this if you love holidays. This is a holiday club that will get you up to 80% discounts on prestigious holidays, you can stay in 5 star accommodations for some ridiculously low prices.

If you decide to market this business on its own then you will earn $500 for each sale and bearing in mind the holiday industry runs into billions of dollars of sales each year it’s a rather cool ‘add on’ to this business package.


Show me the comp plan

It’s pretty simple really….




When your team members make a sale…..




If you are using the PBA’s then here is their fee scale




Can I make money with YourNetBiz?

Yes you can! There are many people making large 5 figure incomes right now, I have personally spoken to some of them. But look, if you are new to internet marketing then this along with any other business is not one you can walk straight into and make money overnight.

If any YourNetBiz marketer tries to tell you that you can, then report them to head office. They will soon be shut down, Your Net Biz has strict marketing guidelines to avoid misrepresentation of earning potentials.


If you are already an experienced internet marketer with a daily lead flow then you can sign straight up and if you know how to brand yourself & follow up correctly then you can be making sales in your first month. As you can see the figures from each sale add up quickly. Make 3 sales a month and you have probably replaced your income if you’re an average earner in your job.


Is YourNetBiz A Scam?

Well you will need to decide that for yourself. At the top package you are paying just under $3,000 for a bunch of products and the rights to take $2,000 commissions when you persuade others to buy the package. Would the products sell for the same price if there was no compensation plan attached to it?

What are you REALLY selling to YNB prospects? A dream, bunch of PLR products and a board game, or a solid, ethical home business? Up to you to decide.


Who should you join with?

Your success in this business will depend on your ability as a marketer. If you are not already an expert then it’s going to depend on who you partner with. You should join with a mentor that you want to work with, someone that is not a ‘hideaway sponsor’ but is contactable, genuine and already successful.

You will be relying on your mentor to show you the ropes, so make sure that you speak to them first before joining up, or attend one of their live web events.


One word of warning, it isn’t always best to sign up with the ‘big guys’ who are flashing the fancy cars and mansions, more often than not you can never get to speak to them. Even after you sign up some won’t talk or meet you until you have made some sales to ‘prove’ you’re worth.


Are you thinking of joining YourNetBiz? and wondering how you can make money from this home business? You need to learn the CRITICAL secrets to self branding and lead generation, plus you MUST have a system that prospects your leads for you and is duplicatable for your team. The top earners in this industry all use SYSTEMS to build their business.




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