40+ Leads Per Day & How To ACTUALLY Get Results

It’s late Saturday night and I’m busting to get this post out…

A few days ago I came across a video from a guy who was saying he was getting up to 40 leads per day from Instagram for his business…

I thought that was pretty cool

Especially as I’d never even given a second thought to Instagram (I honestly thought it was a website just for celebrities to post up their pics)

Out of curiosity I set up a profile and a couple of days later I’ve gotten around 80 followers, a few clicks & leads (so far) by doing very little…

I’ve built almost my entire income based on free traffic…

Most of that is residual, long term traffic…i.e. you do the work once and reap the rewards DAILY for months and years into the future (the best form of traffic if done correctly)

I don’t just love Instagram because it’s a source of free traffic and leads that you can start extracting from tonight but because of how it’ll only work if you shift your thinking a little different…

I’ve been around for a few years and there’s a whole army of marketers that jump from strategy to strategy once it becomes ‘hot’

For the next few weeks that strategy/platform becomes a spam fest and stops working so well, or stops altogether… I don’t want you to fall into that trap..

So click here

Instagram allows you to post up pictures and 15 second videos…

If you’re looking for more leads for your business then check out Instagram now

Here’s what I really love though…

For it to work you’ve got to give value

Building a list of followers is exciting….because you’re building a new audience..and what should you do for your audience?
Serve them
– Help them
– Inspire them
– Motivate them
– Help them make new decisions that will lead them to living their dreams


That’s why I love the ‘Instagram type’ of marketing for lead generation because its content driven —
– It forces you to give value
– It forces you to get in front of people
– It forces you to learn
– It forces you to post content DAILY
– It forces you to become GREATER than you are right now
– It forces you to be constantly focused on your goals
– It forces you to serve others even when you don’t feel like it
– It forces you to have a clear vision of what you want for yourself
And that my friend is why people will choose to join you rather than someone else…

Because you have greatness inside you waiting to get out to the world..

Click here

There’s a couple of ways to build a business online:

1) Brute force (generate subscribers and blast them with offers daily – you’ll need a LOT of leads (cheaply) for that to be profitable unless you’re REALLY good at converting


2) Generate leads through content & cultivate lasting relationships/trust/rapport with people interested in what your involved with (which if your reading this post is probably home business)

That’s why I decided to start blogging over 5 years ago when I decided to get started in my business, because by blogging you build likeability and trust with your prospects and that’s how you build a team around you…

They will join you because ‘they want to’

If you’re broke or haven’t got thousands of dollars to dump into paid traffic and know PRECISELY what you’re doing to get sufficient conversions to make a profit then blogging and content marketing is your best solution. Period.

If you knew that by setting up a blog, learning a few tricks and strategies, developing a hunger for achieving your highest potential and building a team of like minded people around you, that you could earn the money to live your dreams…

Would you take action right now…

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I hope you got value and if you did please like, comment and share 🙂


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