4Life Reviewed – Meet The Friendly MLM Giant

When briefly looking over this company no one can deny that 4Life is a very large, successful network marketing company.

They have put up some pretty impressive figures and experienced impressive growth worldwide over the last few years. Many new leaders are emerging as they are publically recognised by the company. This company has been talked about a fair bit on television, radio and popular magazines.


The company was launched back in 1998 by David & Bianca Lisonbee. In 2006 David (now CEO) became the 26th recipient of the International Blokhina Award for ‘excellence in the field of bio technology’. Furthermore, Inc magazines ranked 4Life as the 15th fastest growing privately owned company in 2003. Although this was a few years ago the company has continued to expand, they have opened a dozen new offices worldwide and expanded their business into more than 40 countries. This company is pretty big by anyone’s standards.

If you like to provide your customers with quality health products, with a large choice then 4Life may be for you. Their product line is actually very impressive. There is a good range covering many of the needs of the human body to remain in peak health. Of particular interest is their Transferceutical products. These work to boost the immune system, transference happens between mother and child during breast feeding, the mothers immunity is passed to her child. These products work on a similar principle, your immune system will essentially ‘borrow’ the information from the products Transfer factor molecules to formulate protection against various diseases.

“4Lifes Transferceutical products have shown up to a 437% in immune cell activity!”

There are many other products catered specifically for men, women, the brain, the skin, the muscle and joint system, cardiovascular system etc… You name it, they’ve probably got it covered.

4Life are also playing a very active role in helping the disadvantaged people in our world. They have regular fund raising events and various programs that are helping people across the world. It’s quite possible that as a distributor, you may be asked to help out sometime!

Is There a 4Life Scam?

Silly question really, but one that will no doubt be asked by some. No there isn’t any way this company could be classed as a scam, there are legitimate products, international recognition and a wealth of satisfied customers. They only way someone could call the company a scam is if they just flat out hate network marketing and are disillusioned into thinking that the business model itself is a scam.

The 4Life Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is fairly straight forward with the power to build a strong residual income. You are paid to 10 levels deep, however those that make it to diamond rank can qualify for the infinity bonus, which pays all the way down after the 10th level. This has some serious earning potential. This company will also reward you with various pool bonuses (Power, Premier & Platinum), plus the rather appealing ‘Great Escape Bonus’ where they will pay for an exciting holiday for you and your family.


4Life really means business, there’s no stopping them. They have lots of events lined up for 2011 and I’ve no doubt that they will continue to prosper for many years ahead. If you are seriously thinking about joining then I see no reason why you shouldn’t, they have a solid leadership, reputation, product line and compensation plan.

Of course anyone joining this company should consider carefully who they join with, you want to be partnered with a team that can guide you to the Promised Land. The health & wellness network marketing industry IS very competitive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a success story. It’s not necessarily the product that determines your success or failure, it’s HOW you market it.

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I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

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  1. Konrad Kuzniewski September 19, 2013 at 7:05 am #

    Great post, I am working with 4life for over 8 years and the company is realy good. They offer you the best compensation plan in MLM world. What is most important for me, people like their products very much and they are coming back to me.

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