5 Network Marketing Tips For EXPOSIVE, Sustained Growth In Your Business

Greetings my friend! Today I want to give you 5 network marketing tips that if implemented are sure to help you in your business.

There’s no point in beating around the bush, so let’s get right into it! You can either watch my network marketing tips video below or read my blog post, or do both!


My 5 Network Marketing tips


Choose Your Company Wisely
This is actually quite important, I’ve seen a lot of people over the years that just jump into any random deal based on a hypey presentation and the emotional tug that ‘this is the one deal that will make me rich!’ Often it turns out its not! You should choose wisely as it’s important that you have a genuine passion for the products you are selling.

It’s no good trying to ‘fake’ enthusiasm, it rarely works. Make sure you research the company thoroughly; do they have a good track record? Any complaints? How long have they been around? etc…

Also please make sure it’s a legitimate business model and not one of these stupid matrix things where there is not an actual product, but you just get paid for bringing others into the scheme. If there is a useful product delivered to the end user, it’s probably a safe bet. Always remember your reputation is at stake when you recommend any kind of opportunity/product to your prospects and a good reputation is what will make you a success in this industry.

Dedicate Your Time To Your Team Wisely
network marketing tips Once you have a team under you, it’s important not to become their baby sitter. Always remember that everyone is responsible for their own success at the end of the day. Sure, you will be expected to help and train your team but do it wisely, the people that you should be spending the most time with personally are those who are working the hardest! Don’t waste time with whiners and procrastinators; keep them to your group training sessions.

Conduct regular group training and masterminding sessions for your direct inner circle team. This will create a great bond between you and will improve retention rates dramatically. Throw a webinar or telephone conference call and get your people together, motivate, train and fire them up for success.

Does the thought of hosting your own training call or webinar scare you? It did me too, after I’d done a couple I loved it. Don’t procrastinate on this point, just do it, people will love you for it (and buy more stuff from you) and you will feel proud of yourself for stepping up to the plate and BEING A LEADER.

Spend Your Time Doing ONLY Productive Things
Forget constantly checking emails, Facebook, Tweeting, watching the latest launch videos etc…. Each day, set time aside for ‘play time’ where you indulge in these sorts of activities. The rest of your day (however much you can devote) should be given to doing productive activities, such as marketing that will increase your lead flow/profits. Plan each day what you want to accomplish and don’t allow yourself any ‘play time’ until you’ve finished.

Sometimes you might not ‘feel’ like writing an article or producing a video, maybe you don’t ‘feel’ like calling those prospects on the phone. Just do it anyway! Do you want to live your dream lifestyle or not?

Use The Internet To Build Your Business
There are many reasons why internet network marketing works so well. You should opt in below for my video training bootcamp where I will teach you how to generate over 30 leads a day to your business and generate all the cash flow you will need……all using free marketing.

You should be using a sales funnel in your business, whether its one you create yourself or a system that you pay a subscription for (I recommend My Lead System Pro) just get one and make sure that it brands you as a leader. Learn and understand the principles of attraction marketing and use them in your business. The internet offers some serious leverage, there is so much that we can automate and so many people that we can reach. It’s a goldmine that you must tap into.

Coach & Train As Many People As Possible
Network Marketing is all about helping others and it seems to be the way the universe works, the more people you genuinely want to help, the more money you make. People are attracted to those who are genuine, honest, hardworking and different. They will sit up and take notice of you and you won’t be lost in the crowd.

Remember that all your prospects are most likely subscribed to many different lists, so by making a little extra effort and just being yourself will go a long way. Also most people are not really providing that much value to their prospects. So by doing a few of your own training videos, audios, videos, blog posts, webinars etc.. will take you up several notches in the minds of your prospects.

That’s my network marketing tips for today, I hope you take them and use them in your business, as they WILL make a difference!

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