A Review Of Bellamora – Been Burnt Before? This Company May Be Your Answer

Well when I say burnt I mean literally, but also if you feel you’ve been ‘burnt’ in the network marketing industry before, Bellamora may be the answer.

This company is based around a cream which has had quite a development journey. It was first discovered by a Doctor Bruce Miller, a renowned chiropractic doctor from Florida; who had an unfortunate accident in a Jacuzzi which resulted in him suffering serious skin burns. The cream which is now being released (after $80 million worth of research!) by Bellamora was applied to Dr Millers burns and remarkably several days later there was almost no signs of any burn marks!

His plastic surgeons were totally amazed with this discovery. It was later proved that the formula was able to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to provide collagen, vitamins, moisturizers and antioxidants. It is marketed heavily now as an anti wrinkle and anti-aging product. There are several photographs showing some quite remarkable results when applied to wrinkled skin.

“This is potentially a product that could take the market by storm.”

Bellamora is still in its infancy; in fact they are not even in official pre-launch yet! So there is limited information around. There is however a 30 minute video presentation about the opportunity on their corporate website, which you can view here.

They are operating a binary compensation plan which can be very powerful and they will pay 10% of volume on the weaker leg to infinity! A very powerful concept indeed. There are several other bonuses also such as matching bonus, luxury home bonus ($3,000 a month) and a luxury car bonus. You will of course be earning from your retail sales of the product. There are several price points for entry as a distributor from $100 – $500. Overall I’d say you have some serious earning potential here.


One interesting thing to note is that Bellamora have made an executive decision to give free leads to their distributors! There isn’t much information about this available, but heck…free leads?? It’s an interesting move for sure, as I’m not aware of any other company that will give out leads for free.

Right now it is however free to enrol in the company, as they are not even in pre launch yet, this is a great opportunity for you to get in on the ground level. If you’ve had a tough time in network marketing before then this could be your chance!

The company is based in Tampa, Florida. For a new company they have a very impressive head quarters building! They also have an impressive leadership team that is well equipped to take the business forward.

Bellamora Products

There is a complete line of skin care products, which of course include the flagship Collagen Cellular Repair cream. All which have had raving reviews from testers so far.

There is plenty of scope for success and prosperity with this company but signing up won’t guarantee your success. The fact is that many people fail in this industry, and mostly for just two reasons. These are a lack of leads and cash flow, but the truth is that with the rise of the internet as a marketing tool and shopping arena, both of these problems can be easily solved.

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