A Livethesource Review – Are They Really The Source of Health & Prosperity?

There are just so many MLM health & wellness companies out there now, it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees. For any such company to be successful in today’s market, they need to bring something unique to the table. Livethesource have done that in their own way.

Live the source is a relatively new company in the industry but is making fast gains in popularity. This company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was the creation of Ted Farnsworth who has pioneered antioxidant beverage products before. Also in the management team are Jerry Rayman & Greg Barna, both who have very impressive and extensive experience in similar industries. Right now they only do business in the US & Canada, so anyone from outside those areas won’t be able to join up right now.


Being in the health & wellness sector it’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd, as let’s face it, there is a LOT of competition and also a lot of junk products floating around. The general consensus is though that the Livethesource products are well liked and they work.

There are two main products which sets the company apart from the rest, the first one being ‘Daily Source’. This would probably be regarded as their flagship product. It’s an all natural nano-encapsulated multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement; it contains a full dosage of essential minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants designed to help the human body function at its peak.

A unique aspect to this product is that it uses nanotechnology to deliver the nutrients. Basically particles in the liquid are so tiny that they are readily absorbed into the body’s cells and therefore regarded as superior to a ‘standard’ juice.

There have been many great testimonials about the product, even some from diabetics, who claim it’s helped to stabilize their blood sugar levels. Others have said its tastes like cinnamon and is best taken with a meal to avoid any potential stomach upsets.

Their other interesting product is the Symbiotic Diet, this is a drink that you mix up from a powder and it’s said to improve brain function, elevate your mood and actually reduce the cravings to gorge on food! There have been over 20 clinical trials carried out on the product so far and more than 40 years of research have gone into it. It’s a unique product and a good selling point for distributors fighting the crowds of competition.

Earning money from Livethesource

This company works on a uni level compensation plan, these can be very lucrative for someone who is good at building a team. It does however only pay down 4 levels which on the face of it may seem rather limited. They do however more than make up for it with their generational bonus which allows the real leaders to earn a lot deeper down into their teams. In total you can earn 6 generations, which can mean you can be paid to unlimited depths which is very powerful.

They also offer a car bonus (up to $1,600 a month) for those qualified at Gold level and above, plus an Ambassador bonus and other yearly trips and retreats. You can download the full compensation plan here.

Can I be successful with Livethesource?

Yes you can. The reality is that you can be successful with almost any MLM company, providing the product isn’t completely bunk. It’s just a question of doing it right and learning the skills you need to make a success of it. Yes, many DO fail in network marketing, but mostly due to a lack of proper training and a lack of potential prospects to talk to.

This industry is DEFINATELY a numbers game, and you will go through a lot of ‘No’s’ before you get a ‘Yes’ and quite frankly if you only have your ‘warm’ list to go on, there’s a higher chance you will fail.

What you need is a way to generate daily leads, put them through a PROVEN, scientific sales funnel, brand yourself as a leader (even if you are new) and build your network marketing company on the back end. My video training bootcamp will show you exactly how to do this using a system and free strategies. The training is free! Just enter your Name & Email for instant access right now.


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