A My Lead System Pro Review – An Automated Marketing Solution?

If you are reading this post then you are probably doing your research on My Lead System Pro (previously called MLM Lead System Pro) and I wanted to give my expert opinion on this system after using it for the last 6 months.

In fact I attribute my success 100% to discovering this system. I actually discovered it totally by accident!

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Before discovering this system I knew nothing about the concepts of Attraction Marketing and I have to say I really like it.

My Lead System Pro will automate your online business to a large degree. It will take care of your lead generation and scientifically filter your prospects to weed out the tire kickers. One of the things I absolutely love about this system, which is lacking in other systems that I have seen is that it’s 100% customizable to you. It allows you to brand yourself as the leader, in fact it’s so customizable that there have been instances I have called a prospect and they were under the impression that I actually developed the system myself!


If your new to the scene and don’t feel ready to be doing your own videos and audios then there are plenty of generic sales funnels that you can use.


My Lead System Pro has 18 affiliate products built into it and comes complete with a ready made email marketing campaign ready for you to load straight into your autoresponder (it will only auto populate in Aweber or GetResponse). The follow-up messages will provide excellent training to your prospects in the form of written word, video and audio, plus your affiliate links for product purchases are all built in.

my lead system pro

You also get your own training center that is built in, so when people join your list they are going to be getting some incredible value! Meanwhile YOU are being branded as a terrific leader in the industry. One of the things I see new team members not doing is taking advantage of the various sales funnel templates available, this system allows you to really stand out from the crowd, so use it to its fullest potential!


There is an incredible amount of training in the My Lead System Pro back office, a complete newbie (like I was) can join up and if they are willing to invest the time to go through the training they can within a short time become a marketing expert, having more knowledge than 97% of online marketers. Not to mention the twice weekly training webinars from top industry professionals in every aspect of internet marketing and telephone prospecting.


For the more technical among you, you are able to set up unlimited campaigns and funnels plus perform automatic split testing, you are able to very precisely track where all your leads come from and track the activity of your prospects during the followup process. This is EXTREMELY useful once you get a bit more experienced.


Recently they have introduced new sales funnels geared towards the generic ‘make money’ market, so no longer is this system just restricted to Network Marketers, this throws the doors of opportunity wide open.


With the new addition of the ‘Conquer The Internet’ DVD you now have all the tools you need for online & offline prospecting.

The only thing I would say against the system is that it can be difficult when you are just starting to actually get your campaigns set up, it’s not the easiest system in the world to use. Once you have done 1 or 2 it’s a breeze and too be honest if someone can’t work it out they probably are not cut out to be an internet marketer.


When you’re bringing new members to your team they are not going to have their own prospecting system in place, with this system it’s easier for them to duplicate your success and brand themselves as a leader.


You have probably worked out from my My Lead System Pro review that this system definitely gets the thumbs up from me, I’ve been a member now for over 12 months and have no plans to cancel my membership, ever!


The value offered by the developers of this system is astounding, they really are concerned for all their members’ success. Even if you never actually used the system itself it would be worth it just for the training you will get.

You deserve to have success in your business so I am going to let you see My Lead System Pro in action PLUS I am going to give you access to my training center just for visiting my website. Learn the My Lead System Pro marketing secrets that can get you on your way to EXPONENTIAL success today!

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    Love the system too James! Thanks for introducing me and glad to be on your team

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