A Network Marketing Lead Generation Strategy – Put Your Business On Steroids, With 50+ Free Leads A Day!

This Network Marketing lead generation strategy will help your business! We all need need leads right? Without a constant flow of leads your business is dead. Period. I am going to show you a free way to generate a daily stream of leads to your website for free.

Well actually it’s not completely free, nothing ever is right? You will need to invest brain power and some time, if you willing to invest this to blast your business through the roof then this is what you need to do.

This video will show you a free Network Marketing lead generation strategy that works!



How can I get free traffic?

This Network Marketing lead generation strategy will only really work if you have a blog or website, so the first step is to set one up if you don’t have one. The next thing you need to understand is that search engines love fresh unique content and they will give more attention to sites that are updated regularly. Secondly your webpage’s need to optimized for the search engines, in its basic form this means that your keyword/phrase should be in the title, meta description and a few times in the actual page content.

Don’t overdo it otherwise you will get penalised for keyword stuffing, also when you write your content write it for your reader. There is nothing more annoying than an article that keeps mentioning the same key phrase over and over again, the Google robots will find it annoying too and your webpage will drop in the rankings like a lead balloon!

Thirdly we want to be clear that having quality backlinks pointing to your webpage’s are going to boost up your ranking positions in the search results for your chosen keywords/phrases.

Ok so what we want to do here is 2 fold, we want to get our webpage’s ranked highly in the search engines so that we can get targeted traffic and secondly we want to have our content in as many places as possible to get traffic from sources such as article directories, video sites and social networks.

Here are the steps in brief…

1) Create a piece of content; this can be something like your reading right now. An article or blog post, make sure that it is offering great value to your readers! keep it fairly short and concise and make sure that what you promise in the article title you actually deliver. Needless to say the article must be relevant to the keyword/phrase that you are targeting, you want your content to be informative and compelling because when this article reaches the main directories you want readers to click through to your links.

2) Put that original piece of content onto your blog or website and then bookmark it to the major social networks and bookmarking sites, this can be done with a few clicks using this cool little tool called OnlyWire

3) Create a video about the article you have just written, this can be either you sitting in front of the camera talking about the subject of your article or a PowerPoint presentation or even just a simple screen capture (I like to use a combination of all three). The key here is to promote your piece of content that you have just written, you want to leave viewers in suspense so that after they have watched your video they will want to click through to your website to find out more information.

You then need to upload it to all the main video and podcast sites. You can either do this manually (it will take you about a week) or you can use TubeMogul (they don’t accept MLM related videos and don’t have many video sites on their system) or you can use Traffic Geyser, the ultimate video marketing tool, check them out here and you will see what I mean. Video is the fastest way to get into Google’s search results, you can see some proof of its effectiveness by watching my keyword research video.

4) You need to take your original article and then submit it to as many article directories as possible. If you were to do this manually then it would take you several weeks per article. I use a cool little tool called Article Marketing Robot to do all of this for me and it even creates and confirms all my author accounts! Article directories are a great way to get noticed and draw traffic to your website (assuming you’re producing quality content).

network marketing lead generation

5) Spread the word about your new blog post/article to your social networks like Twitter (gently does it, don’t spam!)

In a nutshell that is my Network Marketing lead generation strategy. You need to do this consistently. For the next 100 days take one piece of content and promote it, over a few weeks you will see your traffic begin to grow on a daily basis as your rankings increase in the search engines and as more people read your content which is now syndicated all over the place.

Your assignment

I am challenging you to execute this network marketing lead generation strategy for 100 days then I want you to come back here and leave a comment on my blog and tell me how great your business is now doing!

This is a brief overview of this ridiculously powerful Network Marketing lead generation strategy and no doubt you will have many burning questions. To get all your questions answered I’m going to invite you to watch my free video series which will show you exactly how to implement these strategies with all the intricate details filled in.

If you are on a tight marketing budget and struggling to get your business off the ground then this is for YOU. This is the best network marketing lead generation strategy available!


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