A One24 Review – The Direct Sales Company That Won’t Let You Sign Up

One24 offers a unique opportunity to create wealth that could allow you to retire early (or so they say).

As network marketers we often fear being rejected by our prospects, well with One24 you can reject your prospect…kind of. Sounds weird huh? Well NO-ONE can get into this company immediately; everyone has to go onto a waiting list. As a distributor you are only allowed to bring one person a month into the compensation plan. Potentially you could end up waiting years to actually get into the downline structure.

The idea as a distributor is to build a massive ‘waiting list’ so in theory you could be set for life as every month someone automatically joins your downline. There is an interesting psychology behind this, as you are not actually asking prospects to sign up, but rather to join a waiting list. Considering that a large percentage of prospects want to ‘think about it’, you can at least enrol them whilst they mull it over.


One24 have named the pay structure an ‘Incentivized Referral Programme’ and they hope it will revolutionize the direct sales industry. In essence this is a linear comp plan where there is just one line being built under the company, so in theory everyone can benefit from everyone else’s efforts. There is no membership or website fees to pay and One24 are putting 50% of all revenue back into the pay plan. That’s generous!

In order to qualify for bonuses you just need to find a customer and purchase one 1 product a month (which can come from referred reps)

“It’s a unique compensation plan that One24 have developed, will it produce decent results for the average networker? We shall have to wait and see.”

The company is relatively new, having been founded in August 2010 by Mark Seyforth who has had 35 years experience in the Network Marketing industry. Rumour has it that he also played a part in the set up of the MLM giant Herbalife. You should always consider the leadership when deciding on a company to join, and One24 has great leadership!

The One24 Product

Right now they have just one product and its called Natra Burst, is a super food blend that you mix up into a shake, it’s full of the usual goodness. One serving will give you the equivalent of 6 servings of your normal fruit & veg. It also helps support lean muscle as it contains high quality proteins which is good and a little more unique.

It will also assist with improved digestion, immune system, appetite, energy, fat loss, blood sugar levelling, healthy skin and will support the body’s healthy state of alkalinity.


There are many benefits to be had from the product and an autoship will cost you $60 per month. The shakes can be consumed either between meals, or can be a complete meal replacement in larger amounts. It seems versatile and should appeal too many of your potential customers, especially those who are keen fitness enthusiasts.

Overall this is a fairly interesting opportunity operating from Melbourne, Florida; and only time will tell if it catches on in a big way. I like the idea of the single matrix as it could be quite lucrative but I don’t like the idea of only being able to personally sponsor 1 person a month.

If you are going to be successful with this business then you will VERY likely need to reach far beyond your ‘warm market’, and that will mean coming up with a way to generate many high quality, targeted leads each and every day. Luckily this is easy to do!

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