A Review Of Vemma, The ‘Super Juice’ Company, Plus Some ‘Secret’ Training That Will Put Your Vemma Business On Overdrive

If you are reading this post then I know that you have been researching Vemma, either because you want to find out if it’s a company you should be involved with, or you are already involved with the business opportunity.

If you are already a partner with the Vemma business opportunity then scroll down to the bottom of this post, I have something to share with you that will greatly benefit your Vemma business.


Why A Vemma Review?

If you are looking at any company and deciding if you should join, it’s important that you get all the facts, but more importantly you need to know if it’s a company whose products you can get excited about. There is nothing worse than signing up with an opportunity and finding out that the products don’t get you excited. I’ve done it before myself in my first ever MLM company, which incidentally was a ‘juice & pill’ company. The end result was sponsoring around 5 distributors and making around $2,500 worth of product sales, $1,500 which I actually kept in my pocket. Not too great!

I am not a member of Vemma, but I have to say that I really like what they are doing and if you take the time to visit their company website, I am sure that you will leave feeling rather impressed with their professionalism and their ability to deliver a clear message of their vision.

If you are thinking of joining then buy a month’s worth of product from their website, it’s a safe bet because they offer a 30 day ’empty bottle’ money back guarantee. So if you don’t like the product you can send back the empty bottle and be no worse off.

What is Vemma?
Vemma stands for vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. Their products are complete liquid food supplements which focus around the south east Asian super fruit called Mangosteen. This fruit is said to have very powerful antioxidant & energy boosting properties which gives the Vemma product range it’s ‘bite’

One thing I particularly like about them is that they have a product which is specifically developed just for children (Vemma NEXT). The nutritional requirements for adults and children are very different and many juice companies don’t take this seriously enough. Vemma are doing their part in helping the needy children in our world which is a nice touch. For every bottle of NEXT that is purchased, they will donate 1 bottle to needy children in the country where the purchase is made.

Vemma Verve is for adults and provides a highly concentrated dose of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energy boosting ingredients in a convenient drink or in a 1 hit portable shot bottle.

If you’ve got a few minutes spare its well worth watching their video on their official website which will show you how the product is made, they put a lot of care into the preparation and quality of their products.

Vemma’s products are used by people in over 50 countries across the world and were voted by ‘Men’s Journal Magazine’ as the best overall super juice. ‘Miss Fitness Magazine’ voted Vemma as product of the year in 2009. It’s not surprising their products are popular; the packaging is very appealing and the name Vemma ‘verve’ just makes you feel revved up and ready for action.

Where did Vemma come from?
Vemma was the vision of BK Boreyko a seasoned marketing and award-winning entrepreneur who first created his mark in the health & wellness industry in 1995 by founding his first company, New Vision. This company was extremely successful and grew rapidly and kicked out over $1 billion in sales in just a few years.

In 2004 he saw the massive opportunity in the liquid nutrition industry and with the help of his research and management team, Vemma was born.

They have a solid management in place which is very important when deciding which company to join. There are so many companies which have gone out of business because of their flawed management structure and lack of vision. I feel confident that Vemma will be around for many years to come.

How do Vemma distributors get paid?
Vemma operates a binary MLM compensation plan. This is a commonly mis-understood comp plan, especially if you are new to the industry. Essentially everyone can only have two distributors on their front line, one on the left and one on the right. Everyone else that you recruit needs to be positioned under your existing members.

This gets many team members excited, because they know that will have new recruits put under them in the organization as a result of their sponsors efforts. Also the possibility of ‘spillover commissions’ is often used by MLM marketers to ‘wow’ newbie’s in an effort to get them to join sooner rather than later.

Don’t be fooled though, you can’t just sign up to a binary organization and expect to become rich off other peoples efforts without building a team for yourself. If you want to get paid you must somewhat balance both of your left and right legs and this means that you must personally recruit into your organization. I would recommend you thoroughly research the binary compensation plan, unless you already fully understand it

Here is a diagram of a ‘Binary’


Vemma training

There is not a lot of training offered by the company. Most distributors I see using the more traditional methods of building their business, talking to friends & family, prospecting their ‘warm market’ & holding meetings. Whilst these methods work well for some people, most do not have the influence and vast number of contacts in order to grow a significant team. It tends to the more mature and seasoned MLM marketers that have already established themselves in the industry and been successful that will benefit most from traditional methods.

For someone not in this position it can be tough. Their training does not go beyond traditional methods, although they do give you your own marketing website, but you will still need to learn how to effectively market it and more importantly learn how to market YOU.

If you are going to be successful in your Vemma network marketing business you will need to learn the CRITICAL concepts of traffic and lead generation, plus you must learn how to leverage SYSTEMS so that your team can duplicate your success and grow your business. If you are wanting to sponsor 20 or more new reps into your Vemma Business every month then you best get this EXCLUSIVE free Vemma training right now. It’s time for you to take your business to the next level. Enter your name & email below and lets get started…

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I remember sitting in my uplines lounge 9 years ago....

Frank & Heather gave me some biscuits, a cup of juice and switched on the video player.

I sat there and as I watched the presentation felt myself becoming excited and started imagining how rich I was going to get.

James they said....you just need to make a list...on the 3 way call their upline, Colin said to me, James just make a list and get everyone you can onto a presentation call....

I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got rich....in fact I was earning almost nothing.

One night though I put my email into a box similar to the one below and was taken through to a video presentation which taught me how to systemize your team building and attract prospects like a magnet attracts nails.

Prospects that stick around and join your business.

When you enter your email address below and click the button you'll see the same formula that enabled me to sponsor over 687 people into my business, with no phone calls and very little effort, enter your email below to see the 5 step formula....

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