A Trevo Review, PLUS Why This Company Is Especially Interesting

Trevo…it’s new, it’s exciting and raring to go. With a unique compensation plan and headed up by a couple who have spent the last 16 years in the MLM trenches, this company could well be one to watch.

There is already a lot of interest in this company who have produced a new nutritional supplementation product. Whilst it’s nothing out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the market, it does get personal endorsement from Dr Brian Wilmovsky, bestselling author of the book ‘Dream Health’. The product contains 174 of the finest nutritional ingredients from around the world.


The ingredients are what you would expect to find in such a product (aren’t all juices pretty much the same deal?). One 32 oz bottle retails at $50 and you can also get a 2 oz shot style bottle, which is great for carrying around and for product ‘demos’ on the move. You can see the full product details here.

Trevo is founded by Mark & Holli Stevens. This dynamic duo have spent the last 16 years in the trenches as Network Marketers and have been responsible for building impressively large international downlines. It’s fair to say they know what they are doing!

There are a couple of things that are particularly interesting about this company which don’t seem to have been mentioned in other Trevo reviews, the first being the ‘Trevo Compass’. This is an innovative device which you can order from the company and use as a prospecting tool. It’s based on scientific technology and will ‘test’ your prospect and show their deficiency in the ingredients that Trevo will provide!

Pretty cool as undoubtedly you will come across many prospects who will insist that they are as healthy as they can be and don’t need further supplementation. All you do is get your prospect to rest their hand on the hand cradle and the device will do a bio-survey right there and then.

The second thing I find interesting is their compensation plan. They utilize a single-line matrix compensation system that is new to the industry. This unique system allows you to benefit from every person who joins Trevo after you, regardless of what organization they are in. Obviously you still have to hit your personal qualification levels but heck!

This could be a VERY powerful system to be a part of.


You can download the comp plan here to take a closer look. But basically it’s got the usual perks like power start bonus, bulk pack commissions, matching bonuses, group volume commissions, leadership bonuses and also a charity bonus. When you hit Black Diamond Executive the company will actually make a donation to a charity of your choice! A nice touch.

“Oh and by the way, in Trevo you are not called a ‘distributor’ but a ‘Health & Life Coach’ :)”

The company’s HQ is based in Oklahoma City and you might want to check out their corporate website for more details, there are also a few audio presentations to listen to.

Is Trevo A Legitimate Opportunity?


Yep, it is.

What Training Do They Provide?

Trevo also seem to have gone the extra mile with their training. There are regular training calls plus they give you training on internet marketing. It’s actually pretty rare that Network Marketing companies give you any decent grounding in online marketing techniques, despite the fact that the current trends are taking us in that direction. There’s no doubt there is some BIG money to be made online, if you know what you’re doing.

You will get your normal company replicated website, but it is customizable to some degree AND you will get a lead capture page with an auto responder follow up system. These are basic fundamentals required in any online business, but it’s good to see Trevo take the initiative and already have this in place for their Health & Life Coaches.

“Overall I actually like this company and I look forward to seeing it grow over the coming months and years.”

Will you be successful with this company and hit the top earning ranks? Well one thing I can pretty much guarantee is most wont. It’s not because of the company or the individuals concerned, it’s all down to a lack of training. There are two problems which need to be solved to have unlimited success in this industry, they are….

1) A lack of leads
2) A lack of cash flow


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I remember sitting in my uplines lounge 9 years ago....

Frank & Heather gave me some biscuits, a cup of juice and switched on the video player.

I sat there and as I watched the presentation felt myself becoming excited and started imagining how rich I was going to get.

James they said....you just need to make a list...on the 3 way call their upline, Colin said to me, James just make a list and get everyone you can onto a presentation call....

I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got rich....in fact I was earning almost nothing.

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Helping home business owners around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I like to work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’ course, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out, fasting, music, movies, being out in nature, coastal walks, personal development and living as freely as possible!

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