A Unique Article Wizard Review & How To Rank For ‘Crazy’ Keywords Ninja Style

I wanted to share with you this Unique Article Wizard review…. it’s a tool that I’ve been using over the last few months and getting some fantastic results with.

A friend asked me how I was ranking my content seemingly effortlessly in the search engines for many niche related keyphrases.

Watch this Unique Article Wizard review & tutorial to learn the RIGHT way to use it



Check out the Unique Article Wizard here

If you’re doing article marketing then you’re doing it because you want traffic and leads right? One thing I’ve learnt over the last few months is that you shouldn’t be afraid of going for the higher hanging fruit (i.e. big competitive keywords that get a lot of searches).

How does taking up 3 of the 10 spots on Google’s first page for niche relevant keywords take your fancy (watch the video above for more info)?

In a post Penguin SEO environment, Unique Article Wizard is still delivering the goods and if you’re now serious about generating free leads and sales for your business you should add this tool to your arsenal immediately.

So What Is Unique Article Wizard?

It’s a content syndication system that will distribute your content to hundreds of niche relevant blogs and article directories across the internet. This has two significant benefits to you as a marketer…..your content gets found everywhere therefore increasing your traffic….secondly the Google robots find your content and links then in turn LOVE the website you’re promoting and send you traffic.

Here’s the simple formula for using Unique Article Wizard
Please note we don’t advocate trying to manipulate the Google search results for your own financial gain, the following information is for reference and entertainment only. If you choose to carry out this strategy, don’t be suprised if a certain somebody comes sniffing round your website (lol only kidding).

1) Write an article 400-800 words (I recommend you use Article Builder)

2) Spin it using The Best Spinner (takes about 15 seconds)

3) Check that your ‘spun’ article reads nicely and make any adjustments necessary (takes about 10 minutes to do it properly)

4) Submit your spun article to the UAW (takes about 3 minutes)

5) Leave the UAW team to do the rest of the work for you!

They will then set up accounts for you on the hundreds of directories and blogs in their network and submit your content. Google and the other search engines then find your content and the magic begins. Sound simple enough?

They will allow you to schedule your content submission to begin on a certain date in the future if required, plus you can control how fast your content is submitted (important, especially for a new site).

“The team at UAW will take the pain OUT of article marketing, plus they will even write the articles for you if you require it! This is a complete outsourcing solution.”

Here’s the thing I LOVE about Unique Article Wizard……….

They have a team of human moderators that approve all content before it’s released for submission. This is top notch and a game changer for your website. One of the biggest problems we have on the internet is people who create poor quality content and submit it to hundreds of directories using automated software. The problem is that a lot of these sites ‘auto approve’ submissions, so it never gets checked before publication.

What can happen is that you end up having your links on sites that are DEVALUED by Google because they are filled with retarded content. This means that you are not getting the full benefit from your content and will suffer from link decay.

Not so with Unique Article Wizard, your content and links will come from Grade A sites with human moderated content, which means a ton more link juice for you 🙂

Another Bonus Of Unique Article Wizard

This is really cool, not only can you build links to your website with UAW, but you can also insert your YouTube video into your articles WITH keywords so you can build links to them also and have them rank on Google. I’ve got 20 or so videos all ranking on the first page of Google thanks to Unique Article Wizard…..and it took NO extra effort at all.

Also as I showed you in my Unique Article Wizard review video you can re-submit the same article once it’s finished publishing. Re-submitting to new categories will get you even more links for literally just an extra 60 seconds work.

If you are using content marketing as a strategy to drive traffic and generate leads then the Unique Article Wizard is a MUST, plus it means you spend less time working and more time enjoying life. Watch my video review about if you haven’t already and then click the banner below to find out what the wizard can do for your business!

unique article wizard review

I hope you enjoyed this Unique Article Wizard review, please feel free to share this post if you found it useful!

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