My Story

Hey, it’s James and welcome to my blog! I’m glad that you arrived here because I have some exciting information to show you that builds your home business online in the most simplistic and leveraged way possible…

I believe 100% in working SMART rather than hard.

When I say ‘work smart’ here’s exactly what I mean…

“Get paid repeatedly because of work you did just once”

I figured out how to do exactly that…

It took a long time though and this was after a lot of trial & error, wasted money, broken promises from so called ‘gurus’ & ‘experts’ and not to mention the information overload!

There were many times I wondered if I’d EVER figure it all out and actually make some money…


even just a part time income would have helped.

You see for a long time I’d wanted more time freedom and more money in the bank, so that I could enjoy more of life

Perhaps you are like me and hate trading ALL your time for money in a job..

After 13 years in the mortgage industry working in an office with the same people doing the same things day in, day out, I really started to wonder if this was IT

You know what I mean?

I started to think of ways out

I started replying to ‘work from home’ ads in the local paper and ended up falling for one of those ‘envelope stuffing’ scams…

It sounded great!

Just stuff envelopes and send them to this guy and he’ll pay £1 for each envelope…easy! I would have gladly stuffed 100, 200 or even 300 envelopes every day.

So I sent in my registration fee and a week later got my ‘starter kit’ which was basically a catalogue of other companies that I could apply to for ‘home work’… and guess what… they charged a registration fee too!

Whilst I was working at the mortgage brokers though one day something happened that changed everything…

I’ll be showing you a lot of stuff that you can take action on right away, I’ve been able to get some great results building my business online and you could see some proof and find out exactly how by reading on!

What’s even better is that I can show you how to build your business online in a LEVERAGED way. Would it be useful for you to be able to put in some serious effort for say 3 months and then reap the results of that work for months and years ahead?

If your answer is yes…then you’ll love what I’m going to show you

So let me briefly introduce myself…I’m James, I’m 39, live on the south coast of the UK, single and loving life! My hobbies are weight lifting, fitness training, I love seeing new places, love live events, cinema, movies, music, hanging out with friends and I like a flutter at the poker table, I’m also VERY much into personal development (more like junkie!) and I like a game of chess now and then.

So, are you in a home business right now and struggling to get the results you want?

If you are then you’re not alone and I invite you to stay connected to me and my blog so you can benefit from the regular content I put out to help you build a profitable business online, using leveraged methods and by working SMART (better than working HARD!)

So let me quickly tell you my story….

I got started in my first Network Marketing company in 2002. They’re a juice company and they’re still going now and expanding into new countries… I used to blame the company for my lack of results, interesting huh?

I was recruited by an elderly couple Frank & Heather…they’d left a drop card on my car which said ‘Excuse the unusual approach but how would you like to make a full time income working part time hours?’ It sounded cool and at the time I was working in the mortgage brokers and pretty sick of it.

Have you ever felt that working for someone else sucks? Kind of like you’re wasting your life away building someone else’s dream yet getting paid barely enough to live a decent lifestyle?

That’s what it was like for me…in fact I can remember often waking up to the alarm clock and feeling physically sick at the thought of yet another day in the office. The Sunday night dread was the worst…knowing that my free time of the weekend was over and once again I’d have to conform to a timetable for another week.

I always felt that there was a better way….A better way to earn and a better way to live, have you ever felt that too?

I did everything that my upline told me to do and more! I was left wondering why it wasn’t working…after all the man at the presentation told the hotel room that all we needed to do was ‘get 5 good ones’…

I experienced a LOT of pain and frustration and after working at the mortgage brokers for 13 years I was ready to QUIT the corporate world. I wasn’t willing to quit on my dream though. I’m so glad that I kept going after my dream as now you’re here reading my blog and I can show you exactly what I’ve done to generate thousands of leads, sponsor hundreds of people and here’s the really cool bit…

If I could show you how I’ve earned well over $100,000 in EXTRA commissions with very few phone calls and working 100% online from my home, would it help you out? I love LEVERAGED income and I show you how you can do the same in my presentation which you can access by clicking here

There might be people in your life right now that are relying on you in someway, maybe they are looking to you as the one to ‘make it work’ and maybe you have a vision for a better, more abundant prosperous life. Here’s one thing I can guarantee you…no one will do it for us. It’s up to you and me to deliberately create the life and business results we want!

So why didn’t my business work in the beginning?

1) I didn’t understand what network marketing is REALLY about
2) I was literally wasting my time prospecting people that just weren’t ready to be Entrepreneurs and live their dream life
3) No leveraged way of gaining new prospects daily, being able to show a presentation to thousands of people every month and only getting on a phone call with people who are ready to purchase the top package
4) No way of creating a fast cash flow
5) No access to world class training that taught every aspect of building a highly successful network marketing business and no access to mentors

So you can see the problem…

I was lacking ALL the things I needed to be successful

And to be honest, when I found the solution to all those problems back in 2009, I got very excited and my life has never been the same since. I’ve not worked a ‘traditional job’ since and am excited to share with as many people as possible how I’ve been getting paid from my business every month for the last 5 years.

I’ve already been able to help hundreds of people get started on their own path to a highly successful business and I’d love to help you too.

You can access my presentation where I show you how you can get leads daily and regularly sponsor new people into your business and create cash flow fast…and it can all be done from home…literally without EVER leaving your home, even if you’ve not yet had any success. Just click here to access the free presentation now

Veteran Internet Marketer – helping home business owners from around the globe create their success using simple, online technology and leverage. I work smart… not hard! Creator of the ‘Daily Traffic Machine’, founder of the Warrior Network and also enjoy working out and living as freely as possible!

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