AdzZoo – Is This An MLM Or What?

Welcome to my AdzZoo review. The first question to ask is, ‘Is this actually a business opportunity?’

Looking at the company’s corporate website you would think not as there is nothing on there to mention any kind of business opportunity. It’s all geared towards selling their products and services to new customers. However after some digging around you will find various websites from distributors marketing the business.

So AdzZoo is indeed a network marketing opportunity and they operate on a binary compensation plan. These are not always the easiest to understand for the new marketer, but they can be lucrative. In essence you are only building 2 teams, one left and one right team, it’s worth doing some homework to understand exactly how they operate.


As with many binaries there are five ways that you can earn with this company, these are…. Personal Sales Commissions, Renewal Commissions, Fast Start Bonuses, Binary Team Commissions, and Matching Bonuses. Needless to say that the real power in this opportunity is building a team underneath you and them duplicating, allowing the build up of a residual income.

By just selling the products you could make a decent income if you could find enough customers, but essentially you would just be a work from home sales person (where’s the leverage in that?).

Personally I feel that anyone entering into this business may have a tough time because the market for the product is rather different in comparison to other opportunities.

What is the AdzZoo product?

AdzZoo provide web based advertising for local businesses. They work on the basis that traditional forms of advertising are not as effective as they used to be (which is true) and more local customers are looking online to find the services that they require.

AdzZoo will provide a full marketing campaign for businesses, they will create a targeted and optimized website for you and provide SEO (search engine optimization) plus Google Adwords campaigns, geo-targeting, search engine mapping, and local branding. With all of this technical sounding stuff put together, local businesses can be found by local customers.

Most people operating bricks and mortar businesses are NOT internet savvy, and if you said to them ‘have you SEO’d your website?’ would look at you blankly. Some haven’t even got a website. With over 45 million small business owners in the US alone, there is definitely some serious potential here, if you can make it work for you.

As your market is soley business owners, you would probably need to be a little more skilled on the sales side of things, or at least have the confidence to meet with business owners, and give presentations of the AdzZoo service. Many people may find it easier to present a juice or Gold bullion product to their friends and family in the comfort of their own homes.

Will this be a sustainable business?

Well this company based in McDonough, Georgia was launched officially in March 2010 and they are still going now, so only time will tell.

The last figures show that the AdzZoo network has upwards of 8,000 representatives and the successful ones are building using more traditional methods of face to face presentations.

With that being said, many network marketers are realising the power that the internet offers to grow their business. Imagine if you could get 50 or so business owners to show up to a webinar that they can watch from their own home? Imagine generating 30 or more hot, targeted leads each day to your business.

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