Agel Enterprises Review, Pop On Some Gel And You’re Good To Go? Is Agel A Scam?

Well I will start off by saying that Agel Enterprises is not a scam, although their marketing plan is a little one sided, more on that later though.

Agel Enterprises was first incorporated in March 2005 with the first products being shipped out in May 2005, Agel was the idea of Glen Jenson, a network marketer with 18 years experience. Agel were the first to take the concepts of pills & juices and revolutionize the industry by transforming them into a Suspension Gel Technology.

This is actually pretty cool, as not everyone likes gulping down several pills every day or necking large amounts of juice. They work on the theory that anything that can be put into a pill or juice, can also be placed into a gel suspension, so the potential for new product developments is pretty much endless.

They started off with 4 products and have since expanded to 10, which take care of the inside and the outside of your body. Agel believe in quick fast action, in the delivery of their products benefits to your body, and delivery of their marketing message, and have taken full advantage of the online technologies available to us.


The leadership and training available in Agel is high class, two of the industry’s biggest success stories Eric Worre & Randy Gage are in Agel. Eric has built several multimillion dollar organisations in the network marketing industry and I expect every network marketer has heard of Randy Gage. He has produced some of the best training ever in this industry, such as “How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine”

Is There An Agel Scam?

Well this would be a ridiculous question to ask of this company, obviously it’s not a scam. They have been around for a while now, have brought innovative products to the market, and anyone can see that they are one of the most genuine MLM companies around. Anyone who says there’s an Agel scam probably thinks that MLM is a scam. Period.

How can you earn money with Agel?

Well to be honest, this is one aspect that Agel really ought to change. Your money will be made from recruiting other distributors into your team and them buying products. If you sponsor massively, your income will be massive, there are also loads of ‘perks’ in the comp plan (you can download it here). However there is no reward in the current compensation plan for acquiring customers.

A strange situation, as long term customers are what gives your business stability. So if you are someone who only wants to market the products then there isn’t much scope to make any money, and with no rewards for people bringing in customers, guess what happens? Yup, no one brings in new customers.

Your distributors are your customers

Obviously this business model still works well for Agel, but I can’t help thinking they are shooting themselves in the foot and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Agel work on the basis of making a list of 100 people that you know and making a personal goal to enrol 40 people using the Agel DVD called ‘The Agel Phenomenon’ and following up with 3 way calls. There are many who have been successful using these methods and the DVD has found its way into over 40 countries across the world.

For many people though, they don’t know 100 people that might be interested in a business opportunity. This is a big stumbling block for many, especially as pitching friends, family, every man & his dog can become tiresome.

Is Agel Enterprises a viable business opportunity?

Yes I believe it is, I’m not a member myself, but I do love the idea of the products. If anyone wants to send me some products to try, then get in touch 🙂 As I said in this Agel review, this company is not a scam.

With Agel or any other company, it’s only those who know how to do network marketing the right way that will make any substantial amount of money. With things as they are, there are an elite few leading the masses, and unfortunately the masses are not making much, if any money. To be really successful with Agel, you need to position yourself above the masses.

This is what I did 8 months ago and since then my business has exploded and I am now able to work on my business full time. I’ve put together some exclusive training together for anyone who wants REAL success in this industry. I show you how to generate traffic & leads and how to use a system to position yourself above everyone else and make a killing online.

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