An Amway Scam? Is This 50 Year Old Behemoth Really A Complete Con?

Having being going for 50 odd years now and shipping products to over 80 countries around the globe, some are saying Amway is a scam, how can this be?

Probably because they have a garage full of soaps and pill bottles that they can’t shift after being on an autoship for the last 2 years, having not made a profit yet.

It does happen a lot in this industry. People come and go, some succeed, most fail (or so it seems). Network marketing is a solid business model and there’s nothing wrong with it, it does however need some specific skills in order to make if work for you.

Those who report an Amway scam are probably people that have been involved in the opportunity and failed; this may not necessarily be their fault. It’s most likely that they were recruited by an overzealous Amway distributor (IBO – Independent Business Owner) who promised them the earth.

It has been known that some IBO’s in Amway have turned on the hype in order to increase sign up rates. They make it look a LOT easier than it really is which inevitably leads to a lot of disgruntled distributors after around 90 days of making no money.


Amway is one of the biggest Network marketing companies around with more than 3 million distributors worldwide who turn over millions of dollars worth of sales every year. Originally founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos & the late Jay Van Andel they have gone from strength to strength. They are ranked by Forbes as one of the largest privately owned companies in the U.S. and by Deloitte as one of the largest retailers in the world. They are also still trading despite being heavily regulated by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) of America.

I would say that there’s no Amway scam

If the company was an outright scam then they wouldn’t still be around that’s for sure.

One of the issues that Amway has, is with their training that they give to their new distributors, in fact this is a problem with many network marketing companies. Their training is mostly stuck in the 1960’s with out dated marketing techniques that don’t work so well today. In fact some like cold calling and door knocking are scorned upon and you will probably meet with a fair bit of unpleasantness if you tried them.

“To win in Network Marketing you need to be working with large numbers and more specifically a large warm market.

Your warm market are the people who are most likely to sign up with you, probably because they like YOU and see an opportunity for themselves in your business. The percentages are still small though, and be honest with yourself; how many out of the 100 people you might have on your list are REALLY suited to building an empire in this business?

You must find an effective way to increase your warm market.

Look, there really is nothing wrong with Amway, I wouldn’t join myself as it’s just not my thing, but there isn’t an Amway scam. If you want to get involved with this company then go ahead and do it. Just make sure that you know how to implement the latest cutting edge strategies to increase your warm market exponentially. Many people are doing it with great success and I’m doing it myself.

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