An MLM Blog & Why You Should Use One For Your Business To Increase Your Results By Over 300%!

Are you using an MLM blog in your business? If you’re looking to maximize your results then you should really consider doing so.

MLM blogWhen I first got started promoting my Network Marketing business online, I didn’t have my own blog. Whilst I was able to generate leads using my an attraction marketing strategy, I had no where to send my prospects where they could find out about me, other than my Facebook page.

Since putting my own blog together (the one you’re looking at right now), the results of everything I do have increased by around 300%.

Network marketing is all about building relationships with people, this is especially true on the internet. As there have been many shady deals flogged online, people naturally do have their guard up, even before they land on your website. It’s important to be able to break down this resistance as a marketer.

The best way to do this is with attraction marketing. You position yourself in such a way that allows people to find you, learn about you and your products BEFORE you ask for a sale. Having your own blog is a fantastic way of doing just that!

Having your own MLM blog is having your own real estate online, it’s your house where your visitors will come by invitation and often without invitation. It’s your 24/7 ambassador and brands only YOU. It’s your chance to wow your prospect with your knowledge and it really does position you as a leader. People are looking for a leader to work with, and having your own blog makes you look like a leader!

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You should use your MLM blog to introduce yourself. Make sure you have your picture/s there, plus a story of how you came into the industry, and how you can help your prospect. You should also make regular blog posts that provide valuable information and training to people. People love folks who are helping others! As you learn something new, write a blog post about it, so others can benefit from your knowledge…chances are they will want more from you.

Your blog can be used to generate leads to your sales funnel. My personal blog generates 20-50 leads each day and this is because I get a lot of traffic to it. I have written quite a few posts and made sure they are search engine friendly using my traffic strategies (I teach them in my boot camp, see the end of this post for details).

I’ve also used various ‘opt-in’ boxes on my MLM blog so that people can enter their name & email to get more information from me. This works well, as people often like the information I’ve written, so they opt in for more info, and I generate a lead!

MLM blog

You can also make product sales through your blog. I like to use a ‘Recommended Tools’ page, here I give personal recommendations of products that I use in my business on a daily basis. Using banners and links you can make some easy affiliate commissions when people buy.

Its surprising the number of people in this business that don’t have their own MLM blog, many tell me it’s ‘too technical’. The reality is that you don’t really need much technical expertise at all, it really is just a few clicks away. A small amount of research will reveal to you just how easy it is.

I would also recommend that you use your own ‘self hosted’ blog. By this I mean don’t use or or anything like that. Make sure your blog is hosted on your own private web hosting account (cost about $6 per month).

“One sure way you can explode your business, position yourself as a leader and have prospects coming to you, is to set up and regularly contribute to your own MLM blog”

Setting up your very own MLM blog can be done in about 10 minutes or less. Watch my step by step video training bootcamp to learn how PLUS learn how to create 30+ leads every day for FREE to your business. I will also show you the attraction marketing system that you can use to build your business and income on auto-pilot. Enter your Name & Email for instant access!


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