An MLM Prospecting System That Will Automate Your Business PLUS Increase Your Income x 18

nocallsImagine if you could put your mlm business on auto-pilot and have your follow up process done for you whilst you enjoy your life plus at the same time be earning affiliate commissions from people even if they don’t join your business?

This is the power that mlm prospecting systems can offer to your business.

It puts the frighteners on some people when you mention ‘MLM prospecting’ to them, it often conjures up an image of a guy sitting in his home office on the telephone looking extremely fed up and frustrated after a long day of making cold calls to so called prospects and literally begging them to join his business. Then at the end of the day he counts up his successful sales probably to find maybe none or 1 signup? Either way it sucks and wasn’t worth the effort!

Not a pretty picture! Certainly not a situation I want to be in and I don’t expect you do either, right? I did my fair share of cold calling in my early days and I won’t be doing it again.

So is there a better way?

Sure there is. The fact that you are here on my website and searching online means that you are probably already thinking of building your MLM business online (you might even already be doing it). There is no question that the internet is a FANTASTIC place to generate red hot qualified leads.

What we need to capitalize on this is an mlm prospecting system. There are many out there on the internet, some good and some not so good.

What should all good MLM prospecting systems do?

Well in a nutshell they work on 5 principles….

1) You will have your own lead capture page, sometimes known as a ‘squeeze page’ or ‘landing page’. From your marketing efforts you will drive targeted traffic to this page where you will present a solution to the problem that your visitor faces. Let’s use the capture page that I use an example, see it here.

My market is people who want to build their MLM business online and are looking for the training and tools to achieve this. I am offering that exact solution. So they read the copy and watch my video, then if they are interested in finding out more they enter their name and email address and hopefully a phone number. Then bingo! I have just created a qualified lead.

2) Once in your system the next process is the follow up. When using an online mlm prospecting system this can be made a lot easier through the use of email. By using an email autoresponder (I would recommend Aweber) you can write all of your follow up emails and set the specific times of when those emails will be sent out.

Your prospects will then receive regular emails from you and you have the opportunity to brand yourself as a leader and offer them value (don’t keep trying to sell them stuff! They will soon hit the unsubscribe link) It’s up to you, but I personally like to get on the phone to my prospect at the earliest opportunity to kick off the rapport building process.

3) Ongoing training is offered to your prospects through your emails. A good system will do all this for you, plus you will have your own value packed training website. You will find that your prospects actually look forward to your email because they know it will be of great value to them and they will learn something from you.

4) Every now and then you want to offer your prospect something to buy. It needs to be something that will give them some really good value and that they can benefit from. Because you are offering value and not pitching your business at every opportunity you are building trust and respect with your prospects. You will have far more people wanting to buy a product that you recommend (the system I use has 18 affiliate products built in to it and they are all crammed with value)

5) Over time your system will gradually increase your prospects exposure to your primary opportunity. You can have links to company reviews, videos, webinar invitations etc… It’s important not to overdo this; but because you are giving so much value to your prospect they are going to be much more likely to take a look at any business opportunity that you recommend.

With all this training you are providing, you are quickly becoming an expert in the eyes of your prospect! Which is branding you as a leader and positioning you for success. You always need to remember that people join people rather than a business. There are thousands of folks out there already pitching company replicated websites and offering no value whatsoever and expecting hordes of people to sign up with them. It just doesn’t work that way.

So as you can see, using a good mlm prospecting system is going to take care of most of you’re prospecting for you; allowing you more free time to concentrate on other aspects of your business and to talk to people.

I’ve been testing a system for the last 6 months that I have used to put my business on auto-pilot, it does everything that I have talked about and more, it earns me affiliate income from 18 different products and earns me affiliate commissions from folks even if they DON’T join my business opportunity.

PLUS (and this is a BIG plus) it has trained me in every aspect of internet marketing and mlm recruitment techniques, if I had paid for this training from separate sources it would have cost me thousands of pounds. Oh and I also get exclusive access to training webinars twice a week from market leaders.

I’m going to show this MLM prospecting system to you because I know that you deserve the chance to achieve your dreams and aspirations PLUS I want to give you access to the training that I have received over the last few months. If you want to be successful in this industry you will need to learn CRITICAL information. By entering your name and email below you will have access to information that only 3% of online mlm marketers are aware of!


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