Are You Asking Questions That Are Sabotaging Your Results?

self sabotageToday I want to share with you a mindset tip that I’ve picked up from a book I’ve been reading. Its called ‘Secret Code of Success’ by Noah St John. A really good book that I’d seriously recommend you read

He talks there about affirmations, now we all know what affirmations are… ‘I have a Ferrari sitting on my driveway, I’ve got 6 million bucks in the bank, I have this…I have that’ and you keep telling yourself these things and your subconscious mind is supposed to actually believe them. Does that work?

Maybe not

Here’s a more effective way that I’ve found works really well for me and that is to ask the right questions.


I used to ask myself the wrong questions and maybe you’re doing this at the moment. When you look at your business are you asking yourself questions like

Why do I not get more leads

Why do I not sign more people up

Why do I not make more money in my business

Why is this not working….

Ya know all that kind of stuff…

I think it’s important not to ask those sort of questions because it sends your mind in the wrong direction, you’re thinking towards the negative. What this book talks about is Afformations. Instead of asking negative questions you ask positive questions.

For example you would ask ‘How was I able to increase my lead flow by 10 leads a day?’

You can try this right now:

If you need more leads in your business ask yourself ‘Why am I not getting more leads in my business?’ how does that make you feel, it makes you think of the negative of ‘I’m not getting enough leads’

Instead now ask yourself ‘How was I able to increase my lead flow by 10 leads a day?’ You will notice this feels different because your mind is going to begin seeking for ways to get an extra 10 leads a day. You can use this for anything like the number of people you want to recruit in a week or how much money you want to make.

I think that its important to ask positive questions and steer your mind in the direction that you actually want to go.

I’ve been doing this for a while now and seriously I used to think that personal development stuff was BS. I would attend webinars and watch videos and a lot of top leaders were always talking about personal development and mindset and I’d be thinking ‘Dude! I don’t give a crap about mindset, just show me the secret lead strategy, show me the secret script that I can use to get people to buy stuff!’ I wanted to know the magical hypnotic language patterns that I could use in my blog posts that would make people buy stuff from me.

All that stuff certainly helps but it won’t work if your mind is not in the right place. I’ve been studying personal development for the last year and its had a Hugh impact on my confidence, on my ability to construct a business plan and on my ability to actually execute that plan.

Even the video for today’s blog post, a few months ago I would never have dreamed of doing that kind of video, I would have thought ‘Na I’m not going to do it (for various reasons)’

Now I don’t give a crap and I’m going to do the video anyway and deliver as much value to my audience as possible and that’s because I’ve been working on me more than frantically searching for the ‘secret strategy’

Are you working on you enough?

So I wanted to share this with you because I think personal development is really important and Afformations… start writing down questions. Do it today, write down 5 questions in a positive way, use the afformation method that Noah St John talks about in his book ‘Secret Code of Success’, get the book you can download it, buy it or whatever and read it, it’s a very cool book.

Start asking yourself the right questions, ‘How was I able to’ and then the results you want. For example ‘How was I able to increase my lead flow by 10 leads a day’, ‘How was I able to increase my recruiting to 5 people a week’, ‘How was I able to increase my income to $10,000 per month’…or whatever your income goal is.

Write these questions down and look at them every day, especially before sleeping as this is the best time for your subconscious mind to process the path you need to take to reach your goals. Do this instead of watching the news, or TV.

Focus only on what it is that you want. Nothing else really matters anyway, right?

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