Asea, Just A Bottle Of Salt Water or A Shot At Financial Independence?

So you might have heard of Asea, the relatively new Network Marketing company, you might also have wondered if Asea is a scam and just selling bottles of salt water!

Well first off there is a lot of backing from several top athletes that claim to have enhanced their performances by using Asea’s products, the company also claims their product is backed by 16 years of scientific research.

I’ve never tried the product myself so I won’t go casting aspersions. The product has reactive molecules in it and these are said to increase the effectiveness of the body’s immune system and natural anti oxidants, therefore allowing us to be more healthy and perform better.

You can get more information at the Asea website, it will be an interesting read! Be sure also to watch the videos there.

Either way you look at it there isnt really an Asea scam, there is a real produt here that is doing some good for some people!

My Asea review will be brief, but basically this company started off in 2009 and is gaining some momentum. It was founded by Verdis Norton and James Pack. Verdis took the idea to James who then whipped out his cheque book! Both men are very well experienced in the corporate business world, with Verdis having 30 years as a top player at Kraft Foods and James having built a very successful telecom consulting company!

You can find the Asea HQ at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah.

How will you make some dosh with Asea?

They are pretty standard in that they operate a binary compensation plan, its well worth reading up on how this works. If you build your team correctly then it can be a very lucrative payout system! There are seven ways in total to earn, as follows…

  • Retail sales
  • Preferred customer bonus
  • Fast start bonus
  • Team commissions
  • Director’s bonus
  • Check match (very cool)
  • Leadership pool (also very cool, if you can get there)


So there are plenty of ways to earn money with this company, to get the full comp plan please visit their corporate website.

The company seems to be gaining some momentum, but they do have to overcome the hurdle of the products appearing to be essentially saltwater. Anyone getting involved really needs to be using the product themselves and actually gaining real benefits, in order to have any conviction about this opportunity.

So is there an Asea scam?

No! There is not. This is I believe a genuine network marketing company.


One of the biggest problems Asea distributors will face (as will any Network Marketer) is a lack of leads. For any business to REALLY take off you want to be getting 20-30 leads a day consistently. This way you will find ‘something good’ will happen in your business every week. This may be signups or commission payments of some kind. You also want to be generating a cash flow from as many of your leads as possible, even from those who DO NOT join your Asea business!

Get these two problems sorted and you are well on your way to financial freedom, which let’s face it, is why we are in Network Marketing in the first place!

So how can you generate 30+ leads a day for free whilst earning affiliate commissions regardless of wether people join your Asea MLM business or not?

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