Attraction Marketing Secrets That Will Boost Your Profitability

funnelAre you using Attraction Marketing (also known as Reverse Marketing) in your business? If you are then you have probably noticed much better results, if you’re not; read on my friend!

Attraction Marketing is all about YOU. See there are many hundreds of thousands of people marketing their business on and offline. There are also many thousands of people all marketing the SAME business, often using the same websites or advertisements. So in such a situation how could the poor prospect possibly choose which person to join with?

Attraction Marketing can be likened to branding, all the big companies we know as household names all have powerful branding. It’s the same as marketers, we need to brand ourselves.

Watch my short video which explains an Attraction Marketing system


When we brand ourselves, we position ourselves as an authority in our industry, and we allow people to learn about us and our products before they commit to purchasing. People can find us as a result of our online or offline marketing (we no longer go hunting for prospects).

When they do find us, we want them to be impressed with us; we also want prospects to quickly put their faith in us. As human beings, we like to do business with people that we like and trust, so as marketers we want to form relationships with our prospects BEFORE we ask them to buy from us.

It’s the same in any everyday situation, if you and I were to meet in the local coffee shop and strike up conversation, if I was to immediately try and get you to sign up for my business, you would probably be pretty put off by that. If however over a period of time we built up a rapport with one another, chances are we would naturally have a conversation about ‘work’ at some point and I could then tell you about my business.

As we already had some sort of rapport going, chances are you would be much more inclined to take a look at my opportunity than you would have been at our first meeting.

“The principles are exactly the same when building your home business online”

When you come to my blog, or sales funnel capture page I want you to think to yourself ‘yeah this guy knows what he’s talking about, I’d actually like to get more info from him, so I’ll give him my name and email address’. Then after you go into my sales funnel, by using Attraction Marketing and giving you lots of valuable training & information, you might then think ‘yeah, I’d like to do business with this guy at some point’.

It’s all about earning the respect of your prospect, rather than trying to just immediately sell them on something (no one likes that).

In today’s society and market place, it’s not good enough anymore to just push company replicated websites on people and expect them to sign up. You need to sponsor and lead by GIVING VALUE.

There are many ways to brand yourself online. Setting up your own blog will go a long way to branding yourself as a leader in the industry, since I set up my own blog my results have more than doubled. You should also use the social network giant Facebook, this is VERY powerful, plus now you can even establish a celebrity like status with your own Facebook fanpage!

See my blog post on how to make a Facebook fan page

You might also want to consider writing articles and creating training videos, these are very powerful ways to attract prospects to you, people are already pre-sold on you before they even get to your website. I have generated thousands of leads from these two sources.

Now look, I know that if you’re new to marketing online, you are probably thinking right now that it all sounds great but how the heck can you create a blog, write articles, give value to your prospects etc….. Well luckily there’s such a thing as an Attraction Marketing system, that will essentially do all of the necessary branding for you, plus it’s easy to set up. The system that I use is MLSP. I would highly recommend it to anyone, new or experienced.

You can read the My Lead System Pro review by clicking this link

By using Attraction Marketing in your business, you WILL notice a significant improvement in your results. In fact it could be the difference between success or total failure.

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