Avon – A Company That Every Woman Can Succeed With (An Expert Review & Some Exclusive Training)

Are you thinking about joining Avon? The direct sales company for women.

Avon are probably one of the most well known direct sales companies around, they have achieved some incredible results and helped women all over the world achieve financial freedom and success. Avon originally began in 1886 as the California Perfume Company and was founded by David McConnell, who realised that direct person to person selling was far more effective than conventional methods.

The company became Avon Products Inc in 1936 and has since gone on to recruit over 5 million reps worldwide, expand into over 100 countries and turnover around $8 billion in sales each year. They are also listed in the major stock exchanges and are regularly featured in Fortune Magazines, top companies listings.

“You will definitely have credibility on your side by becoming an Avon representative.”

In 1955 they created the Avon Foundation which has donated over $500 million to address issues relating to breast cancer, emergency relief and domestic violence. Their head office is in New York and they also have a science and research facility in Suffern, NY with a team of over 300 scientists and technicians.

The Avon Products

They are certainly one of the most recognised producers of cosmetic, skin care and anti aging products. There is a vast range to choose from and if you are planning on becoming a distributor then you might want to set aside an afternoon to go through them all!

Some of their most well know products are from their Avon Colour range which includes various make over products. There’s also the popular Anew range which includes some of their powerful anti aging products. There really is such a great range of quality products that you are sure to entice prospective customers and distributors.

This is definitely one of those businesses that will do better with home parties and personal demonstrations. Also by you using the products and looking great you will spark a lot of interest from peers.

The Business Opportunity
If you are interested in making an extra income and you are a woman, then Avon could be good choice. You can join as a distributor for around $10 and earn from recommending and selling the products to others. You can earn up to 50% on your personal sales which is a higher profit margin than many direct sales companies.

You are also able to earn a residual income from building a team of active distributors under you, it’s possible to earn up to 12% override on your teams sales. Depending on your sales volume you can qualify for other bonuses such as the luxury car bonus.

“How much you earn from this company will really depend on how skilled you are at personal sponsoring, training and motivating your team. The quicker you can get your team members making money, the more money you will make.”

Of course you’re also going to need plenty of prospects to talk to and make opportunity presentations to, social media is a good way to do this. One of the biggest problems in this industry that people face is a lack of leads. Initially you can work through your warm market, but that list can quickly be exhausted. For your business to thrive you MUST come up with a way to generate new leads on a regular basis, preferably daily!

By understanding some simple concepts and using a system, you can generate 10-30 leads online each and every day for your business. You can also market to them in such a way that they will WANT to work with you in your Avon business.

You can also earn hundreds of dollars worth of affiliate commissions, even if no one joins your primary business. To learn how you can get started today please enter your Name & Email address for instant access to my free video training.


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