Become A Fluhme Beauty Artist (Ladies Only) And Earn The Big Bucks?

Fluhme is a cosmetics direct sales company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

They sell Italian skin care & cosmetic products designed to make you look great! This is an opportunity geared towards the ladies and those that are interested in beauty and the cosmetics industry.

This company was founded by Tiffany Fluhme and has been going for over 10 years now. This certainly isn’t the biggest business opportunity out there and is relatively unheard of, it’s also not strictly a network marketing opportunity but more of a direct sales business.


It’s actually quite difficult to find any information on the compensation plan anywhere, so if you are considering joining then you had better contact the company for more information. I have heard though that you need to sell at least $300 worth of products each month in order to get paid.

To get started with Fluhme will cost you a minimum of $49.99 for the basic starter kit, or for those who are more serious you can opt for the ‘Artist’ kit at $179.99 for which you will be blessed with $700 worth of products for your first few beauty events!

With Fluhme you are not a distributor, but a ‘Fluhme Beauty Artist’. This business will also do better with the more traditional marketing strategies of person to person referrals. Needless to say you will also be a living breathing advert for the product, so you need to be someone that likes to look good.

“I also get the impression that this opportunity is more suited for women who already have an interest and experience in the cosmetics industry.”

You will be encouraged to host Beauty Events, where you will demonstrate the products and allow others to sample them. The company offers various incentives for hosting your own parties by giving you free gifts. This month you can get an exclusive Fibre Optic Brush.

You will earn commissions for products that you sell up to 45%, although you may start as low as 5% so you would be well advised to check with the company, or a referring sponsor for a copy of the comp plan. There is also the facility to build a team under you and be paid on their sales also.

All the information points to this being just a 1 or 2 tier payout structure. It doesn’t look like there’s the power to build a walk away residual income in all honesty.

Tiffany herself, the founder of Fluhme has always had a passion for colour and cosmetics, her mother is a licensed cosmetologist and taught her from an early age all about skin care. Tiffany has worked with some of the best dermatologists and plastic surgeons around and is also a licensed Physician Assistant herself.

“The company is also doing its bit for charity by setting up the Fluhme Foundation. It was established in October 2009 to enrich the lives of children with potentially life threatening diseases.”

As I mentioned before this really is best suited to the traditional home party’s type marketing and those women who have an interest in this field. You could still do very well though by using online methods to build your business. You have the leverage to reach far more people than you ever could offline and the systems available to do a lot of the legwork for you.

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