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How I Got Rid Of 2 Stones Of Fat (Without Any Magic Juices, Pills or Shakes)

I do firmly believe in the whole healthy body/healthy mind thing and this is also important if your building a business. After all as entrepreneurs were supposed to be happy, healthy, wealthy and shining with good vibes right? A Hugh contributing factor to that is going to be your health. So I’m going to share with you exactly how I lost 2 stones of fat and have gotten myself in the best shape ever!!

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The Importance of Writing Down Your Goals (Is The Law Of Attraction Real? – My Personal Recent Experience)

Have you ever written down a very important, life changing goal and seen it magically manifest in your life against all the odds? If you have you’ll realize the power of writing down goals and properly focusing on them, if not then you may like to watch the video below whilst I share with you how a powerful goal has manifested in my own life very recently….

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Did They Tell You It Couldn’t Be Done?

People have told me in the past (some very close people) that:   – I can’t change my body from being skinny & weak – That ‘home business internet stuff’ doesn’t work – People will never listen to me – I have to ‘accept the cards I’ve been dealt in life’ – To stop living […]

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How To Get Leads Today & Make Money

What’s the number one thing you must have to make lots of money from home in your business?   Leads   Or more specifically…   Real people with hopes and dreams looking at your business/products/services   No exposure = no potential for sales   When I got started online in my business back in 2009 […]

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My Lead System Pro Member Of The Month

A quick shout out to My Lead System Pro and a thank you for electing me member of the month for personal enrolments in August.   What does it mean to be member of the month? It means that you’re popping up on the leader boards and are at the top of the game recruiting […]

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Have You Decided Or Are You Committed?

I was watching the fast start training in the back office of my primary Network Marketing company and one concept really jumped out at me that could change your entire life. When I began to start listening & watching success cultivating material daily, every day you learn something new   There’s one sure and certain […]

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