Do You Despise What You Want To Become?

Do You Despise What You Want To Become_In today’s blog post I want to challenge you and this might even sting a bit, because this stung me when I was first challenged with this about a year ago. It made me realise that I had a lot of work to do on myself.

The challenge is ‘Do you despise what you want to become?’

What exactly do I mean by that?

I mean what is your view, your real view in your heart towards money, towards people that have a lot of money, towards very successful people, towards people that have created massive results in their business or in life in general?

When I was first challenged with this I thought that I was accepting of abundance and I was totally ok with rich people and seeing people in the same company as me achieve fantastic results. When I was really honest with myself…and I want you to be honest with yourself now because this is going to be really important in your journey to success.


I’m pretty sure that you’re someone who wants to create a better life, you want to be very very successful in business, you want to build a Hugh big team and you want to build a business that pays you the money to live the lifestyle that you want

So here’s an example where you can tell if you are despising what it is that you want to become…

Imagine you’re out driving somewhere or walking in the street and you see this guy in a flash car, like a Lamborghini for example, what are your thoughts on that?

I’ve got friends that say that guys that have fancy cars is to make up for something that their lacking in another area…I’ll leave you to figure that out and imagine what that means.

What do you think? How do you feel when you see that? Are you thinking ‘Huh! Must be a drug dealer or something, or must be a pimp or he must have ripped off a load of people to get that car’

What do you really think when you see a guy in a Lamborghini that’s broken down for example and its being put on a recovery vehicle….do you snigger and think ‘ha ha ha ha ha’?

What do you think when you see people online who have had a lot of success and showing off big cheques or whatever, how does that make you feel? Are you thinking ‘Puff..must have ripped of a lotta people to do that, or he must have some schemey little scam going on’ ..or something like that

I used to have all that kind of stuff running through my mind and if you have those feelings when you see someone who is really successful then you have a major stumbling block. Do you have any negative connotations to the successful person and having a lot of money?

I wanted to share this with you because this is a really important thing, if you have negative feelings towards successful people, people that have a lot of money and people who’ve created a lot of results then you can never become what you despise.

So if you have those negative beliefs then it’s really going to screw you up in getting results.

Here’s the difference for me, I know that I’ve changed in that regard because now when I see someone who is very successful I think ‘WOW! He or she is an example of what’s possible, I need to get around that person as much as possible!’. I’ll follow them on periscope, on Facebook, their blog and get on their email list because I want to suck up every bit of information they have and just be around them to pick up their energy.

If I now see someone in a flash car now I think ‘WOW! That’s awesome , I need to get around people like that!’

I wanted to share this with you because this used to be a big thing for me…I was despising (without realising it, I wasn’t doing it deliberately) what I wanted to become simply because of negative, limiting beliefs in my unconscious mind that were holding me back from success.

Think very carefully if you’re really, really, really ready to accept abundance because when you are…that’s when you will allow yourself to commit and move into action and do the things that you know you need to do to build a wildly successful business!

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