EcoFresh – Thinking Of Cleaning Up?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ecofresh has withdrawn their MLM programme and have changed their sales model, the following information is now for historical research only and will be removed shortly, it does not represent their current business model.

For details of their current sales model please click here to visit the official company website.

Research Information

By joining EcoFresh you will be deciding to do your bit for the environment, educating others about the dangers of chemical based household cleaners, and making some money in the process (hopefully)!

This company has actually been around since the 1970’s but had a tough time getting noticed. They produce household cleaning products and deodorizers that are free of bleach, enzymes, ammonia and alcohol; ingredients which have all been linked to various ailments. They’ve also produced their own ‘Sticky’ bug trap which is the equivalent of a fly paper, only an environmentally friendly version!

All the EcoFresh products are based on plant formulas and include deionised water, leaf extracts and cereal grains. Not only does this make them 100% safe to use around the home, but also they do a great job at cleaning and leaving a streak free finish.

The reason that EcoFresh based in Dallas, Texas had a tough time getting noticed was simply because of people’s fascination with chemical based cleaners, probably because they work so well.

“People are now more environmentally aware and therefore these green friendly type of products are more likely to sell better.”

The core product is the ‘3 in 1 cleaner’ and can be used for almost all cleaning jobs in the home, you can also buy it in a concentrated powder form for $19.95 and it will make up to 32 bottles (just over 6 cents a bottle!).

EcoFresh was founded by Michael Brandt who is a board certified Entomologist, over his successful 45 year career he has founded many successful companies that are still trading today. The current CEO Ron Dawson also has more than 30 years experience in developing multimillion dollar companies. There is some good leadership for this company, which is something you always need to consider when joining a new deal.

The EcoFresh Business Opportunity

This is a direct sales company so you are able to build a retail and residual income selling these products, you will also be doing your prospect a favour by advising them about the hazards of using household chemical products. You can earn up to 25% on retail sales and also 6% off every sale your team members make. You can also bank a generous extra 10% by selling $2000 worth of volume each month. Working your way to the top of the comp plan will entitle you for other bonuses plus a $700 a month car allowance.

There are three package levels that you can enter at, The Clean Sampler Kit, The Sports Sampler Kit, and the Complete Sampler Kit, all the products come with a 100% money back guarantee.

“To make any big money with this deal then you should really be concentrating on recruiting and getting as many EcoFresh ‘Directors’ in your downline as possible.”

It’s also important that you have enough people to present the opportunity to. One of the biggest problems which leads to attrition in this industry is a lack of leads. Many distributors fail to recruit anyone from their warm market and then they are stumped, who do they talk to next? So overcoming this problem is critical to success, unless you just want to become a door to door salesman, which no one really wants!

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